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Integrating Redis Cache with .NET Core 3.1 ASP.NET MVC

November 9, 2022

This tutorial is adapted from the Web Age course https://www.webagesolutions.com/courses/WA3204-introduction-to-kafka-for-c-developers. In this tutorial, you will integrate Redis Cache with .NET Core 3.1 ASP.NET MVC. Here is the overall architecture.

Creating an ASP.NET Core MVC Kafka Client

November 7, 2022

This tutorial is adapted from the Web Age course https://www.webagesolutions.com/courses/WA3204-introduction-to-kafka-for-c-developers. In this tutorial, you will add Kafka support to an existing ASP.NET .NET Core MVC 3.1 application. The website will allow user registration. Each user registration request will be sent to a Kafka topic named user-registration.

Using PolyBase in SQL Server

May 27, 2022

1.1 Understanding PolyBase PolyBase enables a SQL Server instance to query data with T-SQL directly from SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB, Hadoop clusters, and Cosmos DB. Separate installation of client connection software is not needed. You can also use the generic ODBC connector to connect to additional providers using third-party ODBC drivers. PolyBase allows T-SQL queries to join the data from external sources to relational tables in an instance of SQL Server.<

How to Create Components in Blazor?

April 1, 2021

This tutorial is adapted from Web Age Course Progressive Web Application Development Using Entity Framework Core and Blazor. In this tutorial, you will build several Blazor components. You

How to Create a Blazor WebAssembly Application?

March 30, 2021

This tutorial is adapted from the Web Age course Progressive Web Application Development Using Entity Framework Core and Blazor Training. In this tutorial, you will create a Blazor We

Ditch the Spreadsheets and Build a Model-Driven Power App

January 26, 2021

Author – Nick DoelmanIntroduction Excel sheets are easy to track business data, but there are pitfalls with this approach. The Power Platform allows a low-code, no-code method to build a robust business application. Power Platform business applications can be further expanded with other tools and technologies, such as business analysis tools and Artificial Intelligence.The Spreadsheet Up until the 1970s, computers were limited to universities, governmen

Custom Domains in Azure Web Apps

October 8, 2020

Can you use a custom domain name with Azure? This is a question I often get asked when presenting Azure resources such as Web Apps. Many resources in Microsoft Azure have a predefined domain name. For example, creating a Web App named learnix would then have the domain name le

SharePoint Server 2016 RC is now available

February 27, 2016

Both SharePoint 2016 and Project Server 2016 Release Candidate are not available. SharePoint 2016 RC is mostly feature complete and it’s now safe enough to evaluate it to get an overall picture of the final product. If you have older Beta 2 then it can be upgraded to RC. If you have InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013 then they will continue to work with SharePoint 2016. Both will be supported for the duration of SharePoint 2016’s support lifecycle. You can read about the prominent c

New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online

February 27, 2016

SharePoint supports two main development / deployment techniques for creating SharePoint projects: Server Object Model and Client-Side Object Model. If you plan on doing development for the hosted version of SharePoint, i.e. Office 365 / SharePoint Online, then you CSOM is the only option. A new SharePoint CSOM has been been released for SharePoint Online / Office 365. It also allows development for Project Online (hosted Project Server). It can be downloaded using “Manage NuGet Packages” option in Visua

Creating custom HTML helper functions in ASP.NET MVC

February 27, 2016

ASP.NET MVC provides several  HTML helper functions that generates HTML automatically. E.g. Html.TextBox, Html.CheckBox etc. We can also create our own custom helper functions as well. For creating HTML functions following steps have to be performed: 1. Create a static class 2. Add a static method that returns either string or MvcHtmlString 3. First Parameter should use this and it should be of  type HtmlHelper. HtmlHelper is the class to which we are essentially adding an

Exception handling in ASP.NET MVC applications

February 27, 2016

For exception handling we have been using try..catch..finally block since forever in various languages. In this blog we will see how to handle the unhandled exceptions in ASP.NET MVC. Unhandled exceptions are the exceptions that are not handled using try..catch..finally block. For handling unhandled exceptions or for creating a global exception handler we have to perform following steps: 1. In web.config add following line in the system.web section <customErrors mode=”RemoteOnly”><

SQL Server 2016 includes R Language

January 4, 2016

SQL Server 2016 should hit RTM sometime later this year. It includes several new features. You can read about some of the new features in my previous blog posts: JSON support in SQL Server 2016 SQL Server 2016 SQL Server 2016 also includes the R language for statistical computing and graphics. Here are some more details on the topic:

Object Oriented Programming: JavaScript vs TypeScript in Visual Studio 2015

January 4, 2016

JavaScript has been the defacto web language for a very long time. It’s used for implementing client-side validation, animation, DOM manipulation, AJAX and for several other reasons. Developers have been using JavaScript in one form or other: e.g. plain vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS etc. OOP in JavaScript is quite different than other languages, say C++/Java/C# etc. Here’s an example of a simple class in JavaScript:

Changes in SharePoint 2016

January 4, 2016

SharePoint 2016 is due later this year. It includes several changes based on the available preview version. Here are some of the prominent changes: (Note: they could change by the time the final version becomes available)1. 5,000 List View Threshold limit Technically, SharePoint 2013 allows 30 million items per list. But, OOB, as far as end-users are concerned it enforces 5,000 item limit since querying a large number of items from SQL

Generating Class(es) from JSON in Visual Studio

January 4, 2016

JSON is a very popular lightweight data-interchange format. Visual Studio makes it very easy to generate class / classes out of JSON. Say, we have the following JSON available: { "players": {

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