SOA — when failure is not an option!

I have been working in Service Oriented Architecture for almost a decade. During that time, as a trainer, architect or consultant – I have probably worked with over 100 businesses and government agencies to address their SOA needs. In every case, as we looked at adopting SOA, the perceived benefits were always somewhat theoretical, not that they weren’t real, rather they would not be realized until sometime in the future. For example:

As our SOA implementation matures and we develop a number of reusable enterprise services — new business processes can be created and existing business processes can be modified quickly, with reduced costs and minimal disruption to the enterprise.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a bank that was looking at SOA in a very different way. Like other organizations looking to adopt SOA they saw the future, long-term benefits. The difference is that this bank also had a very real, tangible short-term goal for their SOA implementation — a goal that gave them no alternative but to succeed, and they were willing to bet their business on it!

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