Architecture Training

Our Enterprise Architect training courses teach you techniques for improving architecture and will help you develop the skills to plan, build, and maintain an Enterprise Architecture solution. We offer comprehensive enterprise, solution, and software architecture training.

Not sure where to begin? View our Solution Architect Learning Path. Find introductory courses and then deep-dive into specialized topics, including TOGAF, AWS, Agile, Docker & Kubernetes, API management, and more. After taking the core classes, explore related courses like Design Thinking and Domain-Driven Design.

General Architecture Training

Web Age's Architecture training teaches you how to optimize architecture and plan, build, and maintain successful solutions. Whether starting from scratch or refining your existing approach, our comprehensive training covers Enterprise, Solution, and Software Architecture.

Our Top Courses
Management Skills for Architects
Course ID: TP1917
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

The role of the architect involves more than technical expertise.  The soft skills workshop is designed to ensure that trainees are aware of the challenges and the many demands that are placed upon the architect from an organizational perspective.  Attention is given to the subject of leadership, project management, communication, and navigating the troublesome political waters that architects find themselves in.
Event Driven Architecture: Theories, Patterns and Best Practices
Course ID: TP3381
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

An event-driven architecture uses events to communicate and coordinate between decoupled services. Applications built using event-driven principles can be highly scalable, resilient, and extensible - essential for large modern applications. These architectures also align with and take advantage of the capabilities of modern cloud providers. This training teaches attendees how to understand and apply event-driven architectures.
Introduction to Solution and Software Architecture
Course ID: WA1811
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This course introduces the students to the fundamentals of Solution and Software Architecture. Within the broader strategic vision that Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides, there is a need to provide structure and guidance around the more tactical solution architecture capabilities that are developed to ensure they are consistent with the broader EA strategy.
MDM Training
Master Data Management (MDM) is an alignment strategy aimed at unifying your organization’s data into a coherent whole.  MDM provides an overarching methodology for resolving data fragmentation.  Data fragmentation results in duplicate data, inconsistent information sets, and stale or out-of-data reports.  MDM addresses all of this from a comprehensive perspective and ensures that your data management strategy aligns with your business objectives.

MDM Primer
Course ID: WA1726
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This course provides foundational knowledge in MDM theory, practice, and key components.  Attendees are provided with a broad survey of Master Data concepts and given an opportunity to explore MDM from multiple angles.  Concepts are reinforced through analysis of real world case studies and group discussion.
Master Data Management (MDM) Foundation Workshop
Course ID: WA1727
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This course provides a hands-on, workshop environment to enable project teams to explore MDM theory, practice, and strategy in a dynamic education and mentoring environment. Attendees are provided with a broad survey of Master Data concepts and given an opportunity to explore MDM from multiple angles. Concepts are reinforced through analysis of real world case studies, group discussion, as well as collaborative group-based exercises designed to put these concepts into practice.
Master Data Management (MDM) Bootcamp
Course ID: WA1868
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the importance of having a consistent, accurate, authoritative view of their core data sets.  This has led to a significant increase in the adoption of Master Data Management (MDM). MDM encompasses data architecture, data modeling, governance processes and data quality policies, data stewardship responsibilities, and alignment between data architecture and business architecture. This three-day bootcamp provides a deep-dive into Master Data Management (MDM), its core architecture and design activities, as well as strategies and best practices for successful adoption.
SOA Training

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a more agile and comprehensive way to integrate information systems and business processes than traditional integration approaches. 

At Web Age Solutions, we know what it takes to be successful with SOA. More importantly, we understand SOA's comprehensive learning process and adoption stages


Solution Architecture Training

Navigate technology integration with confidence. Our Solution Architecture training courses teach you how to design, build, and implement seamless IT solutions that align perfectly with your business goals.