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Getting Started with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Training

This course provides information on basic Enterprise Architect (EA) operations applicable to all user disciplines.  Common EA activities will be exercised by participants to create a project and model elements.  The focus is on providing a working knowledge of the tool using it as a means of communication with stakeholders.  Each discussion is followed by a set of hands-on exercises using the selected version and edition of EA.


Understanding the EA repository structure

Use Sparx Enterprise Architect to develop a representative model for project needs

Understand how to build architecture models

Understand the model repository and how to best organize the model 


Participants need access to Sparx Enterprise Architect for hands-on exercises.


One day


Outline of Getting Started with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Training

Chapter 1. Overview of EA

Chapter 2. Reviewing the EA model repository

Standalone vs remote repository

Chapter 3. Customizing the EA User Interface – an overview of the available windows and presentation options

Creating a project scenario

Introduction to MDG Technologies

Perspectives use and customization

Initial model organization using EA models, views and packages

Chapter 4. Reference Data

Tagged Values

Project Glossary



Chapter 5. Overview of diagrams and model elements in EA

Creating diagrams – exploring the graphical and list views of EA diagrams

Creating, moving and deleting model elements

Alignment, Spacing, Grid snap

Creating and editing relationships between model elements 

Hide connections vs Delete connection

Instance vs Links in diagrams

Common/useful Keyboard short cuts

Filter View

Model Element Properties dialog and window

Chapter 6. Traceability in the EA model

Tool support for change impact analysis 

Chapter 7. Relationship matrices – tips that make it usable with more than 5 elements

Chapter 8. Model navigation – using EA features for searching and finding elements and diagrams

Find in Project Browser

Find in All Diagrams

Search Project Browser

Diagram and element layout and appearance


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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887