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Web Age Solutions Live Virtual Classroom Training

Uniquely Positioned to meet our clients’ Live Virtual Training requirements.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Web Age for Live Virtual Classroom Training


We are experienced in delivering satisfaction and high engagement in live virtual classroom deliveries – we have delivered OVER 1000 live virtual training classes successfully in the past 10 years.


Custom courses
We can build blended courses around your E-learning libraries such as Pluralsight and Udemy – we use your E-learning library for lectures while our hands-on labs and projects guarantee real world experience. Our instructor brings it all together for your students at regularly scheduled touchpoints.


We take care of it all
We handle the infrastructure – all software is hosted in Web Age cloud and is available 24 x 7 during the class day – all you need is a home computer.


Flexibility in scheduling
You can schedule regular 9 to 5 consecutive days or spread it over 3 months on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It’s your call.


An immersive collaboration environment
We have an all-encompassing collaboration environment for virtual classes containing file sharing, fireside chat with the instructors and fellow students, and a message board (watch our video to the right for a complete demonstration).

Our Virtual Classroom Capabilities
Learn more about our immersive collaboration environment

How it works

Web Age aims to promote consistent and high quality learning experiences for every Web Age client. This means that the curriculum design, content development, and ultimately the presentation delivery must all be handled in a professional, logical, and pedagogically sound manner. Our Live Virtual Training classes contain the same great content as our In-Person classes and are delivered by our top instructors in an interactive environment.

With each client, we discuss that client’s specific goals and objectives, in order to provide a world class learning experience.

Curriculum Delivery – Live

We make live virtual classroom training a success. The challenges of a virtual environment are vast. Lack of face-to-face interaction and the constant distracting elements that are occurring at the student’s location require an engaging and relevant instruction process.

It takes more than technology to effectively deliver virtual live training. Students need more from an instructor in a live virtual environment in order to bridge the gaps.

The guidelines that our instructors follow when delivering live virtual classroom training are aimed to help address these challenges.

Make the Information Come Alive

Students need for the instructor to be able to learn each one of their needs and determine the best way to meet them in a virtual setting.

Course content is the starting point and not the ending point for the instruction. Content must be used to draw out what the students need to know. To help break the monotony of time, instructors go through the material ahead of time and research companies actually implementing what is being discussed. During course delivery, instructors pull up related content from the Internet and ask the students what they think.

In a class room an instructor “sounds out” the room, but in a virtual class environment, there is a need to draw the students into discussion and critical thinking. Moreover, instructors aim to bring the discussion back to what real world companies and specific organizations are doing and more specifically what the students are seeing within their own organizations.

Training participants often log into a live virtual training classroom ready to passively observe a monologue. It’s up to us to create the kind of learning environment that shifts them from passive to active learners.

Dedicated Virtual Training

Dedicated Instructor Led Live Virtual Training

Time, resources and value have never been more important. Standard trainings don’t deliver what you need. We offer a customized training centered around your needs, people and environment.

Our live virtual group training is built with that in mind.

For more information

In The US: getinfousa@webagesolutions.com
In Canada: info@webagesolutions.com

Interaction Strategies

Interactivity is crucial in a live virtual training environment.

At Web Age, we use the following strategies to keep students engaged in our live virtual classroom training:

  • Use of the “hand” tool to get people to raise their hand in accordance with a question.
  • Use of the chat area of the training room for questions.
  • Use of break out rooms to facilitate discussion and create an atmosphere of community within the classroom.
  • Break Out Groups report back to the larger class.
  • Use of the application viewer to go to live websites; adding in real examples and taking students to websites they can use as a reference.
  • Use of the tools for the class, text editor, a graphical tool etc. to break up the screen presentation.
  • Use polls to encourage interactivity.
  • During lab work, private messages are sent to each student to “check in” and see if they require any assistance.
  • Each student takes turns demonstrating what they have done in a lab.
  • All participants can share their desktop and walk everyone through what they did.
  • Interaction is the key, after every other unit, instructors ask the participants questions such as if they had an “Ah-ha” moment.

Flexibility of Scheduling

Live Virtual Training Classes can be delivered to meet client requirements.

Recent client requests include:

  • Global delivery in local time zones
  • “Off hours” delivery
  • Shortened days (for example a 2 day class delivered over 4 days)
  • Extended days (for example a 5 day class delivered over 4 days)

One day of content equates to approximately 7 hours of content delivery and live virtual training classes can be scheduled based on this timing.

Set Up

For Live Virtual Training Classes Web Age is pleased to extend our Clients the option to use the Web Age Virtual environment for both training and labs.

Web Age is also familiar with most client preferred virtual tools and happy to deliver via these if preferred. Web Age uses Zoom for classes and an Amazon based cloud for labs. In this way, there is no set up required on the participant’s side.