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Outrun the pace of technological change by upskilling and reskilling your employees

Reduce hiring and onboarding costs by providing existing employees with new skills — and get ahead of the competition.

Are you struggling with finding qualified candidates to fill open positions?

You’re not alone — a common issue in the industry, organizations are focusing on looking inwards for their new hires. The best way to ensure your organization can increase retention rates, loyalty, and a competitive edge is by investing in upskilling and reskilling your existing workforce.

Through our proprietary content development approach, we ensure the upskilling and reskilling program meets the needs of your employees exactly so you can minimize time away from work while enhancing their knowledge and skills. Here’s what sets our program apart.

Extensive curriculum development experience

As a result of our decades of curriculum development experience, trusted by Fortune 100 organizations around the world, we have developed a portfolio of world-class tools and templates to create engaging upskilling and reskilling content. Our experience in designing, executing, and reporting guarantees a favorable outcome for our clients.

Content management and maintenance

We follow curriculum design best practices and industry standards to ensure content is easy to understand and apply. The content we develop for your program remains your intellectual property, and can be integrated with any learning management systems. Our programs include a project, which reflects 20% of the things your employees will take part in at work 80% of the time after reskilling. By succeeding in the project, your employees show their true potential in their new job.

Engaging content

Going far beyond the average online learning platforms, our upskilling and reskilling programs are rich with software demonstrations, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and thorough assessments. This helps upgrade the skills of your existing employees to give you a competitive advantage and enables you to meet the pace of change in the industry.

Project management

To reduce headaches on your end and ensure the program remains on schedule, we assign a Certified Project Management Professional to your project. Throughout discovery, curriculum development, and course rollout, we stay on top of schedules so you get the results you’re after.

Responsive service

Our structured approach to strategic knowledge transfer has been successful in hundreds of upskilling and reskilling programs. Being responsive to our clients’ needs, creating highly flexible and custom content, and applying our expertise in multiple learning formats has led to exceptional results for our clients.

Course Material

All upskilling and reskilling classes are taught synchronously with an instructor.

Whether in person, online, or a combination of the two, having an expert instructor present ensures that your team has the opportunity to ask questions, clarify their understanding, and learn how to effectively apply their new knowledge to the workplace.

Plus, to assess their learning and show you the ROI, we present your team with the same test at the beginning and end of the program — and let their test results do the talking.

Curious how you can get ahead of the technological changes by upskilling and reskilling your employees?

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More knowledge = more power. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your team.

We can develop your employees’ skills in any emerging technology area

With our extensive portfolio of customizable content and our experienced course developers and instructors, we can develop any upskilling and reskilling program you require. Here are some high-demand technologies our clients are interested in:


We begin by understanding which roles need training, what specific skills you want to acquire, and the level of depth for each competency. We determine the best format for learning and assessments.


Our team develops the education program in conjunction with your SME. This includes course maps, course outlines, and assessments. Core objectives are delivered in an Agile fashion.


We roll out a pilot program first to ensure we meet your needs, adjusting as necessary. We follow instructional design best practices and use road-tested templates for maximum knowledge transfer.


Perfection happens incrementally and iteratively. For each role, we fine tune areas of improvement during the pilot program to ensure it is perfect for the general release to your team.

We create effective upskilling and reskilling programs using our fine-tuned process.

Explore our case studies to see how we've helped past clients achieve success through customized upskilling and reskilling programs.

A student can only be as good as their teacher

Without an experienced instructor with detailed understanding of knowledge transfer techniques and expertise in emerging technologies, upskilling and reskilling can be an uphill battle. However, with our specialized trainers, your team is in good hands.

See all upskilling and reskilling possibilities

Web Age Solutions has built up a robust portfolio of course content for emerging technologies, which we lean on to quickly and cost effectively develop upskilling and reskilling programs for our clients. Take a look at our full course inventory, but keep in mind that your possibilities for developing education programs for your employees are endless.