Microservices Training

Ditch monolithic structures and unlock the power of independent, business-driven services with Web Age's immersive Microservices Training. Gain a solid understanding of the microservices architecture (MSA) and learn how to achieve agility, scalability, and resilience with Microservices.

Our expert-led courses teach you the essential tools, design principles, and CI/CD pipeline methodologies.

Technical Introduction to Microservices
Course ID: WA2579
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Microservices training course teaches attendees the value proposition and technical aspects of Microservices. Attendees learn how to work with independently deployable services with narrow and distinct functionality.
Developing Microservices
Course ID: WA2684
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This five-day DevOps training class is loaded with practical real-world information. From the foremost Service-Oriented-Architecture/DevOps/Agile development training company, comes a course to move the dial on your organizations’ journey with this workshop. You will leave this course loaded with knowledge on the usage of this stack for Microservices. This class combines instructor-led and hands-on lab exercises.
Introduction to Microservices Architecture
Course ID: WA2755
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This training course will help the attendees understand the value proposition and technical aspects of microservices. You will learn about the pros and cons of breaking up the monolithic type of applications prevalent in the enterprise space and converting them into microservices-based solutions. Detailed analysis of some of the common patterns and motivation for using them in microservices architecture is also provided.
Microservices Development Bootcamp with immersive project (using Spring Boot and Docker)
Course ID: WA2874
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

Is your organization looking to break up large indivisible applications into microservices-based solutions? In this comprehensive 5-day bootcamp, developers, solutions architects, and technical team leads will learn how to use Spring Boot, Linux Containers, and Docker to meet your microservices goals to deploy, automate, and rapidly scale.