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Private and public off-the-shelf technology training classes

Support your team’s learning and development with over 450 courses from our catalog.

Equip your team with the knowledge they need to deliver projects on schedule

In order to gain a competitive edge, it’s vital for your business to complete projects on schedule, with exceptional results. However, if your team has a knowledge or skills gap, this can make things very challenging for your department. Grow your team’s expertise by taking advantage of the 450+ training courses available at Web Age Solutions.

Trusted by leading enterprise organizations including Fortune 500 companies, we offer:

Public Courses

Public Courses

These technology courses are open to anyone interested. You can sign up individually or with a group of colleagues.

Private Courses

Private Courses

These technology courses are exclusively for groups within your organization. We run the course based on your team’s preferred schedule.

Both public and private courses are synchronous with an instructor in real-time. This gives your team the opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the material — so they can more effectively apply it at work. We handle all of the technical aspects of the course, so students just need to have an internet connection and a quiet place to learn.

How do you know what kind of results to expect from our popular off-the-shelf courses? We give students the same test at the beginning and end of the course. That way, you can see the ROI in their test results.

Don’t let your organization suffer as a result of employees who lack critical skills to excel in their jobs. Confidently guide your employees to the right training for their role, so they can gain a competitive edge while minimizing time away from work. See what course options we have available for your team today.