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Why your organization doesn’t need an off-the-shelf upskilling or training program

October 22, 2021

Creating a competitive advantage for your business begins with investing in your employees. Many organizations are learning to navigate a constantly changing technical environment, with new advancements introduced monthly. In order to keep up, it’s vital to ensure your employees have knowledge of the latest technologies.  Whether you are looking to provide training for a specific programming language or want to upskill your IT administrators into developers, it’s important to explore your lea

How HR professionals can design an effective IT upskilling program for their teams

October 21, 2021

As an HR professional, you have insight into all of the departments in the organization. With a birds’-eye view of the different teams, it’s easy to see which teams are falling behind or stalled in their projects due to a lack of skilled resources. Not taking action and watching your employees suffer can negatively affect revenue and profit. These days, in order to differentiate your business, it’s vital to use IT effectively. If your employees don’t have the critical skills needed to

Addressing the IT Skills Shortage by Developing Your Own Technical Expertise

September 14, 2021

Developing and maintaining your organization’s technical skills is paramount to the success of your business, and to all individuals who are part of your IT Team. A recent statement from a Bloomberg article on the state of the IT  talent shortage:  “Nearly 2-in-3 consulting firms say they’re short-staffed, and 1-in-5 are turning down work as a result, according to a survey from Source Global Research, which provides research and analysis for the professional services industry.

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