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Mobile Computing Stream Launched

June 28, 2010 by Bibhas Bhattacharya
Category: Mobile Computing

At Web Age Solutions, we have discussed offering a curriculum on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Android OS for a long time. Our training has been always geared towards the large enterprise type businesses. The timing is just right. While iPhone is not new, the enterprise scale businesses are beginning to get into the platform. Mobile platforms are filling in various gaps left open by a PC and browser based combination. Mobile apps are special purpose. They can offer data and services more efficiently than a browser. I am a huge fan of soccer. I use the ESPN World Cup soccer app for iPod Touch several times a day. It gives me just what I need to know, including video, very quickly. I can be anywhere in the house or out for a walk. In contrast, I have been to the ESPN’s World Cup soccer web site only twice. These apps are excellent for building brand loyalty. They do that by offering valuable information about a company’s products and services within a few taps.

Today, our Mobile Computing stream finally went live. Right now, there is only one course – WA1920 iPhone Application Development Using SDK 4 and 3. It’s a 3 day course right now. The goal is to turn a C++ and Java developer into a full fledged Apple mobile developer within three days. We may add an extra day of Objective-C, if that is what our clients find useful.

Courses on Android are coming soon!

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