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Android Development Training and Courseware

Mobile devices running on the Android platform from Google currently have about 80% of the mobile market.   Applications for Android devices are developed using Java and Eclipse tools which is a very appealing factor to the massive cohort of developers who have expertise working with those tools.

Web Age Solutions Inc.  offers a number of Android development training courses that teach students the architecture, API and techniques required to create robust, high performance and appealing applications for the Android devices.  Business users will also benefit from attending Android training classes that have material tailored for their needs.

TP2910 Introduction to Kotlin

In response to Google’s Kotlin-first policy for Android, every team doing Android development needs to consider Kotlin. This three-day course is an in-depth introduction to the Kotlin language. This course is appropriate for developers who already know Java and Android or those wishing to learn the Kotlin Language. This course does not teach Android development fundamentals focusing rather on the Kotlin Language. 

TP2928 Flutter

Flutter is Google's open source framework for creating mobile apps that run natively on iOS and Android phones as well as on the web.

Sure, app development has been around for years. But until Flutter, app development has been incredibly difficult. You kind of have to be a super-developer to write apps for iOS. And writing them for Android is equally hard. But writing for both? Forget about it! You have to be familiar with Objective C/Swift, Java/Kotlin, XCode, Eclipse, and a bunch of other technologies simultaneously.

Flutter helps to simplify mobile app development for any platform. And bonus -- you can create iOS apps and Android apps with one codebase!

Want to learn how? This course breaks down the complex tasks into easily digestible sections with plenty of examples and hands-on labs with starters and solutions.

WA2361 Mobile Development Bootcamp

There are many ways to do mobile development — are mobile web applications, native applications and hybrid applications. Every organization that develops a mobile presence must decide which type of applications to build. Many organizations will build a combination of the three basic types.

Students in this five day course will explore all of the different types of mobile development. After completing this course students will be equipped to help select the appropriate development strategy(s) for their organizations.

WA1971 Testing Mobile Applications Android Edition

Testing mobile applications involve unique challenges. This course teaches these challenges and how to mitigate them. Techniques to test most commonly used aspects of an Android application are covered.

WA1970 Android for Executives

This course teaches executive level managers the basics of the Android mobile platform. Attendees will also learn the strategies for mobile software and hardware development.

WA1967 Android for Business Users

This course is meant for IT managers and product managers who need to understand the fundamentals of the Android platform.

WA1966 Advanced Programming for Android Using Android Studio

This Android Programming course teaches more advanced programming topics for the Android platform. Students will learn to use database and network in their programs. This Android Programming course is ideal for developers who want to take their Android skills to the next level.

WA1965 Introduction to Programming for Android Using Android Studio

The main focus of this Android Programming course is to tech students how to develop the GUI for an Android based application. This Android Programming course is ideal for Java developers to get a quick entry into the Android platform.

WA1921 Programming for Android Using Android Studio

Android is an open source platform for mobile computing. Applications are developed using the official Android development tool, Android Studio. This Android training course teaches students the architecture, API and techniques to create robust, high performance and appealing applications for the Android devices. While many classes focus on the mobile device, this Android development training course also deals with the server side architecture. This makes this Android development training course ideal for enterprise class businesses. After taking this Android training course, students will be able to build robust and high performance applications for the enterprises.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887