Mobile Development Training

Build native and cross-platform applications with Web Age's Mobile Development courses. Learn how to craft high-performance apps for Android and iOS using platform-specific tools, or leverage powerful frameworks like React Native and Flutter to build seamless experiences across devices.

Introduction to Kotlin
Course ID: TP2910
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

In response to Google's Kotlin-first policy for Android, every team doing Android development needs to consider Kotlin. This three-day course is an in-depth introduction to the Kotlin language. This course is appropriate for developers who already know Java and Android or those wishing to learn the Kotlin Language. This course does not teach Android development fundamentals focusing rather on the Kotlin Language.
iOS Development with Swift
Course ID: TP3162
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This iOS course teaches the core development elements, techniques and practices for iOS development using Swift.
React Native
Course ID: TP3058
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

In this React Native Training course you'll learn to use React Native to create cross-platform native apps quickly and easily with a 50/50 mix of lecture and real-world labs. You'll start from scratch and build up to a comprehensive app which uses modern techniques and best practices to consume RESTful data from a NodeJS/Express server and present it to the user in a multi-screen, interactive app.
Course ID: TP2928
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

Flutter is Google's open source framework for creating mobile apps that run natively on iOS and Android phones as well as on the web.

Sure, app development has been around for years. But until Flutter, app development has been incredibly difficult.
Responsive (Mobile) Web Design with Bootstrap
Course ID: WA2350
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This 1 day class introduces students to responsive web design for desktop using Bootstrap. Students will begin by learning some of the fundamental technologies upon which Bootstrap is built like CSS Media queries and LESS. Students will progress to using Bootstrap to build simple and then more complex web sites.
Introduction to Programming for Android Using Android Studio
Course ID: WA1965
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Android Programming course teaches Java developers to build user-friendly interfaces for Android applications. Whether new to mobile development or looking to expand your skillset, this course provides a comprehensive foundation for creating engaging Android apps using Andriod Studio.