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AWS Webinars

Discovery Day - Getting Started with the AWS Cloud Essentials
Date: June 26, 2024

Build a foundational understanding of what it takes to get started in the cloud with the AWS Foundations: Getting Started with the AWS Cloud Essentials training. Learn about the AWS Cloud architecture and the services in the compute, storage, database, networking, and security categories. Build and validate an overall understanding of AWS Cloud and key terminology to help advance your AWS Cloud skills.

Hosted by our Axcel ILT sister company, ExitCertified. You will be taken to the ExitCertified website to register.

Efficient and Effective Coding with GitHub Copilot
Date: April 3, 2024

Intrigued by the excitement around GitHub Copilot, often called a programmer’s “ultimate ally?” Curious about leveraging generative AI to enhance your programming skills and coding efficiency?

Then this webinar is for you! Join us as Eric Greene, a seasoned GitHub Copilot user and educator, discusses the capabilities of GitHub Copilot and guides you on how to use it effectively.

In this engaging 1-hour session, Eric will teach you how to:

  • Understand the differences between Copilot for Individuals and Copilot for Business.
  • Identify scenarios where Copilot shines as the ideal solution and recognize when it might not fit best.
  • Seamlessly integrate Copilot into Visual Studio Code.
  • Work with Copilot Chat and Code Suggestions to streamline your coding and debugging processes.
  • Use Copilot as a collaborative partner in programming rather than just a code generator.

At the conclusion, Eric will eagerly take your questions.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have general software programming experience.

About the presenter:

With 27 years of professional experience in computer programming, Eric Greene stands out for his expertise in cloud computing, web development, and IoT programming. He is a seasoned educator, imparting knowledge on various subjects ranging from JavaScript web technologies, C#, and Python to specialized areas like DevOps, Git, and task automation. His repertoire includes programming languages like C and Rust, particularly in real-world applications like web application programming and task automation.

Eric has delivered training sessions to a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies, well-known charities, and global organizations, showcasing his ability to adapt and cater to various learning environments. As a testament to his proficiency and dedication to education, he holds a professional certification in online instruction, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and possesses multiple software development certifications. Eric contributes his vast knowledge to Axcel ILT, offering courses on modern tools and technologies, including GitHub Copilot, helping professionals enhance their skills in the evolving landscape of computer programming.

How Eric uses GitHub to improve his daily work as a programmer:

“As a software programmer frequently exploring new libraries and frameworks, I’ve found GitHub Copilot to be an invaluable resource for learning how to implement applications using new-to-me libraries and frameworks. Its ability to generate contextually specific programming code idiomatically is beneficial.

Take, for instance, the first Next.js React TypeScript project with which I used GitHub Copilot. I reached a point where I needed to develop some unit tests but needed help with how to mock some third-party libraries I incorporated. This is where GitHub Copilot shined; as I began to draft code for mocking a library, Copilot promptly offered a comprehensive function as a suggestion. Although the suggested code wasn’t perfect, it was a solid starting point, enabling me to refine and correct the minor inaccuracies with minimal effort. This guidance from GitHub Copilot was a significant time-saver, sparing me countless hours I would have spent wrestling with the intricacies of library mocking on my own.”

AI Webinar: Generative AI on AWS
Date: March 21, 2024

This 2-hour webinar on Generative AI (GenAI) development on AWS offers a technical exploration of cutting-edge AI technologies and tools. It combines technical demonstrations with practical insights to enhance your understanding of GenAI-driven innovation and efficiency for enterprise solutions.

Join us as Ryan Dymek teaches you how to leverage services and tools in the AWS Cloud to help accelerate your GenAI development and deployment cycle. Through interactive demonstrations, case studies, and discussions, you will:

  • Understand key Gen AI tools and services such as Hugging Face, Amazon Bedrock, and Amazon SageMaker to customize and deploy Foundation Models.
  • Recognize the power of Foundation Model customization methods such as Agents and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to deliver GenAI solutions with an eye on security, privacy, and scalability.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of accelerated Gen AI development within the AWS ecosystem.

Duration: 2 hours

Audience: Developers, data scientists, and data engineers interested in leveraging AWS for enterprise Gen AI projects.

About the Presenter:

With nearly 25 years of enterprise technology experience, Ryan Dymek specializes in helping companies use creative data solutions. Having been a cloud trainer and enterprise cloud consultant since 2009, Ryan has worked with Fortune 50 companies, SMBs, and everything in between. Ryan designs solutions for complex business and technical problems utilizing AI/ML, automated workflows, and DevSecOps security. Ryan has over 30 active certifications, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and many other vendor-agnostic technologies.

Unlocking the Power of AWS for Data Science: A Guide to Migration and Certification
Date: November 2, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a comprehensive suite of services for running data science workloads in the cloud at scale. These services include Amazon SageMaker, a pre-built suite of machine learning (ML) tools comprised of Textract, Polly, Lex, Comprehend, AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, and Amazon EC2. 

In this 1-hour webinar, senior AWS instructor and consultant Michael Forrester discusses the benefits of transitioning data science workloads to AWS and walks through the steps involved in the migration process. By the end of this webinar, attendees will have a solid understanding of how to migrate their data science workloads to the AWS cloud.

In this 1-hour session, Michael will cover how to:

  • Decide among the various options for developing, managing, and deploying data science workloads in AWS
  • Transition on-premises notebooks to AWS
  • Store data used in model development
  • Obtain real-time and batch predictions
  • General steps to earn the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification

Decision makers and/or those in technical roles who want to understand the options and tools that AWS has related to moving Data Science Workloads to AWS.

Basic understanding of ML/AI workloads, including sentiment analysis, probability forecasting, and a basic understanding of AWS and its core services.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

About the Presenter:  
Michael Forrester is an Infrastructure Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in all things DevOps. As an Amazon Authorized Instructor and trainer for almost a decade, he is deeply committed to cultivating DevOps expertise, aiming to optimize software delivery through efficiency, speed, and transparency.  A big believer in people as the enabler, his extensive experience in DevOps also includes MLOps and AIOps, positioning him as a comprehensive authority in both traditional and emerging IT operations disciplines.

Terraform Uncovered: Your Gateway to IaC
Date: October 26, 2023

Get a first glimpse of Infrastructure as Code and Terraform. See a live demonstration that outlines the vital role Terraform plays in managing cloud resources. This is a precursor to our courses designed to extensively explore IaC and Terraform in conjunction with AWS and Azure.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

Terraform Fundamentals
Date: May 11, 2023

Terraform is a tool that allows you to manage your “infrastructure as code”. In other words, it enables you to define and manage your infrastructure, operating systems, updates, configurations, applications, etc., just like you would any other software. With Terraform, you can create, change, and version your cloud and on-prem resources safely and efficiently.

Terraform helps DevOps teams manage multi-cloud deployments by providing a consistent way to manage infrastructure across different cloud providers. By automating the process of provisioning and managing infrastructure with a standard code language you can save time and reduce errors.

In this 1-hour webinar, Chris will:

  • Introduction to Terraform and its benefits
  • Understanding the Terraform language and syntax
  • Working with providers and modules
  • Managing state in Terraform
  • Best practices for Terraform development and deployment
  • Common Terraform use cases

At the conclusion, Chris will welcome your questions.


Anyone interested in learning about Terraform. No Terraform experience is assumed.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

About the Presenter:

Chris Penick, Stream Lead for Web Age Solutions (Accelebrate’s sister company), has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry across a variety of platforms. Chris has guided clients in cybersecurity, architecture, web development, and data science. He holds multiple certifications in security and development from Microsoft, CompTIA, ISC2, and EC Council. Chris teaches many courses for Accelebrate and Web Age, including Kubernetes and Git.

Women in Tech Event: Empowering Inclusion in Tech With a focus on AWS Machine Learning and AI
Date: March 30, 2023

In this session, Noelle Silver, a leader in tech at various companies, such as AWS, IBM, Red Hat and others, and founder of her own firm, will talk about how she went from high school dropout to Technology Executive at some of the world’s largest companies, and how she navigates her life and career to see unparalleled levels of success and fulfillment. Noelle was a senior Architect on the Amazon Alexa team, and to this day continues to embrace the value of ML/AI in her current job at Accenture.

Please join us for a presentation on her secrets to success, followed by an open Q&A.

In this session, the audience will learn about the principles Noelle has used to navigate an extraordinary tech career, such as:

  • The Power of Inclusive Engineering
  • The Importance of Multi-Modal Development
  • How to Build Responsible Tech and AI
  • The Importance of Learning by Doing
Women in Tech Event: Empowering Inclusion in Tech With a focus on AWS
Date: October 13, 2022

In this session, Noelle Silver, a leader in tech at various companies, such as AWS, IBM, Red Hat and others, and founder of her own firm, will talk about how she went from high school dropout to Technology Executive at some of the world’s largest companies, and how she navigates her life and career to see unparalleled levels of success and fulfillment. Join us for a presentation on her secrets to success, followed by an open Q&A.

In this session, the audience will learn about the principles Noelle has used to navigate an extraordinary tech career, such as:

  • The Power of Inclusive Engineering
  • The Importance of Multi-Modal Development
  • How to Build Responsible Tech and AI
  • The Importance of Learning by Doing
MLOps in 2022, single to clustered approaches
Date: May 13, 2022

According to Gartner’s predictions, “Through 2020, 80% of AI projects will remain alchemy, run by wizards whose talents will not scale in the organization”.

MLOps allows the scaling of those ML models from the local “wizard”; developer to take advantage of processing in a clustered environment, all the while ensuring the data and models are reusable across the business entity.

In this webinar we will cover the following topics:

What is MLOps?
• Processes
• Deployment
• Scaling

Why do we need MLOps?
• Large disparate datasets
• Changing requirements for data
• Feature Modeling
• Monitoring
• Debugging
• Updating Models

MLOps Lifecycle
• Scoping
• Data Engineering
• Modeling
• Deployment
• Monitoring

Real-world Example(s)

Terraform fundamentals – with AWS and Azure focus
Date: February 25, 2022

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) software tool that allows you to build, change, and version infrastructure safely and efficiently across many of today’s cloud providers like Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. This half day class introduces you to the terminology used to provision resources with Terraform, and demonstrates use cases for AWS and Azure.

Five tips that make Data Analysis easy with AWS
Date: August 20, 2021

Each data analysis project is different. The data source is different, the metadata is different, the amount of data is different, etc. Is your data analysis pipeline flexible enough to handle it? In this webinar we’ll explore five ways the tools available in AWS make data analysis easier in a variety of situations.

8 Steps to the Ultimate AWS Certification Plan for 2021
Date: April 27, 2021

If you are currently preparing for AWS certification, and/or are just curious what is involved, here are the 8 Steps you NEED to know to create the ultimate meaningful Amazon AWS Certification Plan for 2021. This session is presented by our lead AWS Authorized instructor, and industry expert in all things DevOps and Cloud with 20+ years of IT experience.

In this informative session we’ll discuss the following to get you started in the right direction towards your AWS certification goals!
Step 1: A Compelling Why!
Step 2: Which Amazon AWS Certification?
Step 3: Mapping out a plan
Step 4: Schedule it to do it
Step 5: Get more hands-on
Step 6: Practice AWS Certification exam questions
Step 7: Take the AWS Certification exam
Step 8: Continual Mastery

How to Manage Your AWS costs
Date: June 25, 2020

In these times of ever-increasing AWS usage, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to save money on AWS? What do core services cost in AWS? How do I get discounts in AWS for EC2? Did you know that you can get discounts for RDS, RedShift, and ElasticCache? Are you familiar with VPC endpoints so you don’t pay for Internet transfer when using S3? In this one hour webinar AWS advocate and trainer, Michael Forrester, will show the common places that he “finds” money when he consults on AWS accounts especially for year 2, and year 3 users of AWS.

This webinar will show how to:
● Explore the costs of core services in AWS and where to figure them out
● Identify service by service the key areas to find hidden costs in your AWS bill (core services only)
● Use the billing tools in AWS and what they are best used for in relation to billing
● Execute Best practice recommendations for enhancing billing inside your AWS account(s)
● Approach AWS’s new Financial Management class pending release in July

Intended Audience:
● Cost-Optimization Leads of any type
● Any IT role responsible for AWS spend
● Solutions Architects

From Zero to Hero: How to move from beginner to continual master of AWS
Date: February 20, 2020

In this learning webinar about gaining expertise and experience in AWS, various paths from beginner to intermediate to expert will be discussed from a hand-on and design perspective. This webinar will offer specific guidance and a step-by-step path to follow whether you are new to Amazon Web Services or in the middle of a migration. Web Age Solutions is a registered training partner with Amazon and offers AWS official coursework as well as additions and add-ons to the AWS curriculum to cover everything from deeper service focused project labs to exam-specific walk-through of strategies for whatever exam you are taking. In this webinar you will learn:

• Any prerequisite technical skills that an engineer, whether developer or DevOps, will need in order to manipulate AWS services.
• A step-by-step path through foundational to associate to professional classes and their related certifications via AWS official content.
• Add-ons and expansions create by Web Age Solutions that can be added to each class that drives expertise and experience to deeper levels ranging from service project labs, pre-made study guides, flash cards, immersion boot camps, and gamification.
• A sample “path” with a fictional company looking to bring their architecture teams up to intermediate design level with a staged path of beginner to intermediate.
• A sample specialized “path” with another company seeking to bring their Operations teams to the intermediate implementation and maintenance levels.
• A free resource guide for getting started for beginners looking for some hand-on experience in basic AWS services like S3, DynamoDB, VPCs, and more.

Unraveling the AWS Service Buffet: Where do I host my application and my data?
Date: January 17, 2020

In this webinar infrastructure specialist Michael Forrester will walk you through the various Application Hosting and Datastore services that AWS offers. Confused by the latest offerings coming out of ReInvent? Unsure of whether to go for containers, kubernetes, or virtual machines? What are the key technical differences between DynamoDB and DocumentDB? These questions and more will be answered as Michael guides you through a simple technical and value rubric that explains which AWS services to use for your Application and Data hosting, depending on your use cases.

Which AWS Certification is Right for You?
Date: July 22, 2019

The webinar is designed to overview the AWS training certification portfolio and give the attendees a starting point to choosing their learning goal while also giving them pointers on the knowledge requirements and which training to take to achieve the goal.

The presentation opens with an overview of the AWS training and certification portfolio and follows up with a comprehensive overview of the certification requirements and recommended certification paths. Additionally focus will be given to the training paths that match the certification levels followed by a discussion on content alignment and training caveats. We will also be presenting how to solve the caveats and how to use the WebAge custom workshops and the hackathon approach which can help shorten the process and ensure top results for any students attempting the AWS certification exams.

The webinar will close off with an extensive question period that will allow attendees to ask questions and discuss their scenarios with our experts.

AWS DevOps certification
Date: April 30, 2019

The webinar is geared towards preparing the students for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam. The approach to the webinar is to focus on areas of knowledge that are directly related to the exam and is intended to provide the students with an overview of the knowledge requirements for passing the exam.

The outline will focus on examining the following skills;
• Understanding the CI/CD software development methodology
• Understanding of automation in development and operations
• Understanding and implementing infrastructure as code concepts
• Understanding of high availability, scalability and resilience
• Understanding of monitoring, logging and troubleshooting

The webinar will also give an overview of sample cases and questions that students might see in the exam itself to provide the understanding of the question structure and the approach to finding the correct answer in the question details provided. The questions will cover the following domains of knowledge:
• Domain 1: Continuous Delivery and Process Automation
• Domain 2: High Availability and Elasticity
• Domain 3: Cost Saving Practices
• Domain4: Security Governance and Validation
• Domain 5: Monitoring, Metrics and Logging

The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of experience working with AWS in a DevOps role and is certified as an AWS Developer Associate or AWS SysOps Engineer Associate. Ideally the candidate has also attended the DevOps on AWS course.

Machine Learning on AWS
Date: March 7, 2019

In this webinar we will discuss the machine learning capabilities of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, including SageMaker, Lex, DeepLens, and Polly.

Developing in AWS
Date: January 24, 2019

• Developing in the Cloud and AWS
• Data Models and Development
• Event Driven programming
• Working with Streaming Data

Comparing AWS, Azure and GCP
Date: August 17, 2018

There are only two reasons to make a business decision, to generate more revenue (make money), or generate saving (save money). Fortunately as the cloud computing services marketplace becomes ever more competitive, the providers are creating more capabilities for their customers at lower costs. In this webinar we will analyze the leading cloud providers in terms of their potential to help companies respond to new opportunities in the market, to scale to meet the demands of growing businesses, and which of these saves the most money over remaining with legacy systems.

Overview of Amazon Web Services
Date: February 5, 2015

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud platform from Amazon that offers cost-effective solutions at the internet scale to its clients. This webinar will provide a short overview of some of the more popular services of the Amazon cloud and ways you can integrate those services into your off-premise solutions.

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