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Using AI for Coding Challenges: A Live Walkthrough with Python
Date: May 30, 2024

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) webinar teaches developers how to incorporate AI tools into their coding practices to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and raise the quality of their work.

In this 1-hour webinar, experienced AI practitioner and instructor Chris Penick explores using the latest AI tools to assist with coding in Python, including code completion, bug detection, and more. Chris will guide you through different AI tools, including GitHub Copilot and DeepCode, within popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like VSCode and PyCharm. He will also discuss:

  • How these intelligent tools can help you write cleaner code faster and with fewer errors
  • How AI can suggest precise code snippets, offer smart bug fixes, dynamically generate comprehensive tests, and revamp your code review processes
  • The challenges and ethical considerations that come with using AI in programming
  • The limitations, potential biases, and best practices to ensure you're making the most out of AI without compromising on code quality

Whether you are tweaking an existing codebase or building something from scratch, the insights offered in this enlightening session will help streamline your development process.

Audience: Developers of all skill levels eager to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their coding practices.

About the Presenter:

Chris Penick is a top-rated instructor for Axcel ILT. He has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry across various platforms. He has guided clients in cybersecurity, architecture, development, and data science. Chris has worked independently for the government, in the military, and as a civilian in the private sector. He holds multiple certifications in security and development from Microsoft, CompTIA, ISC2, and EC Council.

Efficient and Effective Coding with GitHub Copilot
Date: April 3, 2024

Intrigued by the excitement around GitHub Copilot, often called a programmer’s “ultimate ally?” Curious about leveraging generative AI to enhance your programming skills and coding efficiency?

Then this webinar is for you! Join us as Eric Greene, a seasoned GitHub Copilot user and educator, discusses the capabilities of GitHub Copilot and guides you on how to use it effectively.

In this engaging 1-hour session, Eric will teach you how to:

  • Understand the differences between Copilot for Individuals and Copilot for Business.
  • Identify scenarios where Copilot shines as the ideal solution and recognize when it might not fit best.
  • Seamlessly integrate Copilot into Visual Studio Code.
  • Work with Copilot Chat and Code Suggestions to streamline your coding and debugging processes.
  • Use Copilot as a collaborative partner in programming rather than just a code generator.

At the conclusion, Eric will eagerly take your questions.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have general software programming experience.

About the presenter:

With 27 years of professional experience in computer programming, Eric Greene stands out for his expertise in cloud computing, web development, and IoT programming. He is a seasoned educator, imparting knowledge on various subjects ranging from JavaScript web technologies, C#, and Python to specialized areas like DevOps, Git, and task automation. His repertoire includes programming languages like C and Rust, particularly in real-world applications like web application programming and task automation.

Eric has delivered training sessions to a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies, well-known charities, and global organizations, showcasing his ability to adapt and cater to various learning environments. As a testament to his proficiency and dedication to education, he holds a professional certification in online instruction, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and possesses multiple software development certifications. Eric contributes his vast knowledge to Axcel ILT, offering courses on modern tools and technologies, including GitHub Copilot, helping professionals enhance their skills in the evolving landscape of computer programming.

How Eric uses GitHub to improve his daily work as a programmer:

“As a software programmer frequently exploring new libraries and frameworks, I’ve found GitHub Copilot to be an invaluable resource for learning how to implement applications using new-to-me libraries and frameworks. Its ability to generate contextually specific programming code idiomatically is beneficial.

Take, for instance, the first Next.js React TypeScript project with which I used GitHub Copilot. I reached a point where I needed to develop some unit tests but needed help with how to mock some third-party libraries I incorporated. This is where GitHub Copilot shined; as I began to draft code for mocking a library, Copilot promptly offered a comprehensive function as a suggestion. Although the suggested code wasn’t perfect, it was a solid starting point, enabling me to refine and correct the minor inaccuracies with minimal effort. This guidance from GitHub Copilot was a significant time-saver, sparing me countless hours I would have spent wrestling with the intricacies of library mocking on my own.”

AI Webinar: Generative AI on AWS
Date: March 21, 2024

This 2-hour webinar on Generative AI (GenAI) development on AWS offers a technical exploration of cutting-edge AI technologies and tools. It combines technical demonstrations with practical insights to enhance your understanding of GenAI-driven innovation and efficiency for enterprise solutions.

Join us as Ryan Dymek teaches you how to leverage services and tools in the AWS Cloud to help accelerate your GenAI development and deployment cycle. Through interactive demonstrations, case studies, and discussions, you will:

  • Understand key Gen AI tools and services such as Hugging Face, Amazon Bedrock, and Amazon SageMaker to customize and deploy Foundation Models.
  • Recognize the power of Foundation Model customization methods such as Agents and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to deliver GenAI solutions with an eye on security, privacy, and scalability.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of accelerated Gen AI development within the AWS ecosystem.

Duration: 2 hours

Audience: Developers, data scientists, and data engineers interested in leveraging AWS for enterprise Gen AI projects.

About the Presenter:

With nearly 25 years of enterprise technology experience, Ryan Dymek specializes in helping companies use creative data solutions. Having been a cloud trainer and enterprise cloud consultant since 2009, Ryan has worked with Fortune 50 companies, SMBs, and everything in between. Ryan designs solutions for complex business and technical problems utilizing AI/ML, automated workflows, and DevSecOps security. Ryan has over 30 active certifications, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and many other vendor-agnostic technologies.

AI Webinar: Insights into Explainable AI (XAI)
Date: February 22, 2024

Confused by how the algorithms behind AI work? This free webinar unveils Explainable AI (XAI) and demonstrates how XAI allows us to understand, trust, and shape Artificial Intelligence.

Join us for this session as Chris Penick, an experienced AI instructor, demystifies buzzwords related to AI, explains what XAI is, and discusses what the future holds for XAI. He will also showcase XAI’s practical applications in healthcare (making diagnoses), finance (predicting fraud), and the legal system (guiding risk assessment). In addition, Chris explores the challenges of XAI, from balancing accuracy to tackling ethical concerns.

In this 1-hour webinar, Chris will cover:

  • What is Explainable AI (XAI)?
    • Introduction to Explainable AIDefinition and Importance of XAI
    • Brief Overview of AI and Machine Learning
    • The Need for Transparency and Trust in AI
  • Core Concepts in Explainable AI
    • Explanation vs. InterpretationTypes of Models: Transparent Models vs. Black Box Models
    • Key Terminologies: Interpretability, Transparency, Accountability
  • Methods and Techniques in XAI
    • Model-Agnostic Methods
    • Model-Specific Methods
  • Applications of Explainable AI
    • Healthcare: Diagnostics and Treatment RecommendationsFinance: Credit Scoring and Fraud Detection
    • Legal: Risk Assessment and Compliance
  • Challenges and Limitations of XAI
    • Balancing Accuracy and InterpretabilityEthical Considerations: Bias and PrivacyComputational Complexity and Scalability
  • Future Directions and Conclusion
    • Emerging Trends in XAI
    • The Role of Regulations and Standards
    • Final Thoughts and Q&A Session

About the Presenter: Chris Penick is a top-rated Web Age Solutions, Inc. instructor. He has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry across various platforms. He has guided clients in cybersecurity, architecture, development, data science, and learning during his career. He’s worked independently for the government in the military, as a civilian, and in the private sector. He holds multiple certifications in security and development from Microsoft, CompTIA, ISC2, and EC Council.

Deep Learning & Generative AI with NVIDIA
Date: January 24, 2024

NVIDIA, the chipmaker that revolutionized gaming and sparked the AI era, is now reshaping industries and leading the way in Generative AI. Join Web Age Solutions to get started with Deep Learning and GenAI as Mike Bitar, a certified NVIDIA Instructor with extensive real-world AI/ML experience, teaches you how to fuel your journey as an AI expert. Join us to:

  • Discover how NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs are accelerating the future of AI.
  • Get a clear explanation of these technologies and their potential to reshape industries.
  • Learn how to become a Generative AI Engineer.
  • Discover the Python skills needed to excel in NVIDIA’s AI curriculum.
  • Explore the training opportunities NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers in AI, accelerated computing, and more, and fuel your growth as an AI expert.

Audience:  Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Generative AI. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your AI journey, this session is for you.

Duration: 1 hour

About the Presenter:

Mike Bitar has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology with an emphasis on building big data and AI/ML pipelines, both in the public and private sectors. Mike is a certified NVIDIA Instructor, a certified AWS Machine Learning and Data Analytics professional and instructor, and a certified GCP Data Engineer Professional. He helped architect large-scale big data and ML solutions leveraging NVIDIA and Cloud technologies to deliver cost-effective, secure, scalable ML systems. 

Navigating the AI Landscape: Ethics and Regulations
Date: January 22, 2024

This isn’t science fiction anymore. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, and understanding it is key to staying ahead. Christine Thomson, a highly sought-after technical expert, speaker, and author will guide you through a candid exploration of the current state of AI and its real-world applications. She will teach you how to make informed decisions about AI for your business, identify opportunities to leverage AI for efficiency and growth and navigate the ethical and regulatory considerations of AI implementation.

In this 1-hour session, Christine will discuss:

  • What AI is: Ditch the jargon and unlock the practical realities of AI systems.
  • Building trustworthy AI: Learn the essential principles of AI ethics.
  • Regulatory compliance in AI systems: Discover proven AI strategies used by leading organizations.


  • AI and Machine Learning Practitioners
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • IT Regulatory and Compliance Officers
  • Decision Makers and Executives


  • Foundational Knowledge in AI and Machine Learning
  • Familiarity with Data Management
  • Basic Cybersecurity Concepts

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

This webinar is a snapshot of our full AI Security training course, WA3410: AI Security, Compliance, and Explainability.

About the Presenter:

Christine Thomson specializes in emerging technologies, helping organizations capitalize on new ways to inspire their endeavors. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, she has demonstrated her expertise by collaboratively working with a diverse array of clientèle worldwide. Christine excels in constructing and enhancing IT initiatives, seamlessly aligning them with overarching business strategies to actualize enterprise visions.  Christine’s focus extends to the forefront of technological innovation, actively engaging in cutting-edge areas such as Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Azure AI Bot Development
Date: December 14, 2023

Azure AI Bot Service is a cloud-based platform for building, deploying, and managing intelligent chatbots and virtual agents. The service offers a wide range of development tools, including the Bot Framework SDK and the Azure Bot Composer, allowing developers to design interactive and context-aware conversational experiences tailored to specific business needs.

  • What is Azure AI? (1:02 – 2:53)
    • Ola takes over and introduces himself and his expertise in Azure AI and other technologies.
    • He briefly explains what Azure AI is and the different services it offers, including bots.
  • Building a simple Q&A bot (2:53 – 10:23)
    • Ola demonstrates how to build a simple question and answer bot using the QnA Maker service.
    • He shows how to create a knowledge base with questions and answers and how to integrate the bot into a website or app.
  • Customizing the bot (10:23 – 12:07)
    • Ola shows how to customize the bot’s responses and appearance using the Bot Framework Composer tool.
    • He adds features like personality and small talk capabilities to make the bot more engaging.
  • Deploying the bot (12:07 – 13:02)
    • Ola explains how to publish the bot and make it available to users.
    • He mentions different deployment options, such as web chat, Azure Bot Service, and mobile apps.
  • Building a weather bot (13:02 – 21:20)
    • Ola starts building a more complex bot that can answer weather questions.
    • He shows how to use the Azure Maps API to get weather data for a specific location.
  • Enhancing the weather bot (21:20 – 25:32)
    • Ola adds features to the weather bot, such as displaying the weather icon and temperature.
    • He uses the Power Automate service to send notifications when the weather changes.
  • Publishing the weather bot (25:32 – 26:22)
    • Ola shows how to publish the weather bot and make it available to others.
    • He explains how the bot can be integrated into different channels, such as web chat and Microsoft Teams.
  • Q&A session (26:22 – 38:42)
    • Ola answers questions from the audience about Azure AI and bot development.
    • He covers topics such as using SharePoint with bots, customizing bots for specific needs, and the future of AI.

About the Presenter: Ola Ekdahl is a seasoned expert in guiding organizations through the process of transitioning their workloads to the cloud. His journey with Azure began in 2010, where he helped train Microsoft’s internal staff on cloud technology. His proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of application development, including containers, Kubernetes, Java, .NET, Angular, React, and various databases. Additionally, Ola has expanded his expertise to embrace Azure AI and bot technologies, enabling him to offer cutting-edge solutions in artificial intelligence and automated interactions. He is an advocate for automation and DevOps, designing solutions with these principles at their core. Ola’s hands-on experience in application development and infrastructure migration is particularly notable in the financial services, entertainment, and music industries.

Ola holds several certifications and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), AWS Authorized Instructor (AAI), and a Linux Foundation Authorized Instructor. 

Strategic L&D in the Age of AI/ML
Date: December 13, 2023

Embracing Change, Enhancing Learning, Enabling Development.

Explore the intersection of AI/ML and Learning & Development (L&D) in our webinar designed for forward-thinking professionals. As AI reshapes the business landscape, our session offers a deep dive into the role of AI/ML in L&D. We’ll guide you through the essentials of AI/ML within the L&D framework, discuss the sweeping changes in job roles influenced by these technologies, and provide insight into the major AI/ML trends that are redefining organizational learning. With a special focus on the U.S. AI executive order, we’ll show you how to convert policy into practice for your strategic benefit. Equip yourself with the knowledge to critically evaluate AI/ML applications in learning, debunk common myths, understand the technology’s realistic limits, and devise strategies to embed AI/ML into your L&D initiatives effectively. Join us to ensure your L&D strategies are not only current but also drive substantial value within your organization.

The webinar will feature a hands-on workshop where participants will work with ChatGPT to develop learning paths that are customized to the skills and learning styles of individual students.


  • Master the essentials of AI/ML in the L&D context.
  • Understand how AI/ML will impact job roles in L&D and the broader organization.
  • Delve into the significant AI/ML trends currently reshaping organizational learning landscapes.
  • Decode the impact of the U.S. AI executive order on L&D, turning policy into practice for strategic advantage.
  • Critically appraise the applicability of AI/ML in enhancing learning opportunities, focusing on practical outcomes.
  • Challenge AI/ML myths and comprehend the nuanced limitations of technology in L&D, fostering a realistic approach to digital learning solutions.
  • Develop comprehensive strategies to seamlessly weave AI/ML innovations into your L&D initiatives, ensuring they add tangible value to your organization.

Key Moments in Strategic L&D in the Age of AI/ML

  • Introduction (0:00 – 1:02)
    • The speaker introduces himself as Chris Minnick and briefly mentions his background and expertise in AI, machine learning, and education.
    • He expresses his excitement about generative AI and his hope to learn from the audience’s perspectives.

  • Trends reshaping L&D and the role of AI (1:02 – 3:20)
    • Chris highlights the use of AI tools to analyze organizational data, automate administrative tasks, and personalize learning paths.
    • He emphasizes the importance of AI in making learning more engaging, interactive, and accessible.

  • Demo: Generating personalized learning paths with AI (3:20 – 5:00)
    • Chris showcases a tool called Pathfinder that uses AI to create customized learning journeys based on individual needs and preferences.
    • He walks the audience through the process of using Pathfinder and highlights its potential benefits for both learners and organizations.

  • Technologies behind generative AI (5:00 – 7:30)
    • Chris provides a brief overview of the different technologies that power generative AI, such as labeled and unlabeled data, supervised and unsupervised learning.
    • He explains how these technologies enable AI to learn from massive amounts of data and generate new, creative outputs.

  • Ethical considerations of AI in L&D (7:30 – 9:00)
    • Chris raises concerns about the potential misuse of AI in L&D, such as bias, privacy violations, and the spread of misinformation.
    • He emphasizes the importance of using AI responsibly and ethically, with human oversight and accountability.

  • The October 30th executive order on AI and its impact on L&D (9:00 – 10:30)
    • Chris discusses the implications of the US government’s executive order on AI for L&D practices.
    • He highlights the need for organizations to be aware of the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with ethical AI principles.

  • Group project: Using AI to train employees on generative AI (10:30 – 1:14:45)
    • Chris leads the audience through a hands-on workshop where they use AI tools to design training programs for employees on generative AI.
    • This interactive session allows participants to apply their learnings and gain practical experience with AI in L&D.

  • Q&A and closing remarks (1:14:45 – 1:15:30)
    • Chris answers questions from the audience and provides concluding remarks about the future of AI in L&D.
    • He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the age of AI and encourages organizations to embrace AI as a tool for empowering and enhancing learning experiences.
AI for Scrum Teams: A Beginner’s Guide
Date: September 27, 2023

Learn how to supercharge your Scrum team with Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Join us for this free webinar as Nick Kramer, experienced Agile consultant, trainer, and Agile Steam Lead, demystifies AI and discusses how AI can boost your Scrum team’s productivity and efficiency. In this session, Nick discusses:

  • Writing Effective Prompts for AI
    • Communicating with AI
    • Writing clear, concise prompts
    • Examples of good and bad prompts
    • Interpreting AI responses
  • Using AI for Team Building
    • Using AI to improve team dynamics
    • AI tools for sentiment analysis during meetings
    • AI-driven team-building activities
  • Incorporating AI Scrum
    • Scrum Ceremonies
    • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • The Ethical Implications and Challenges of Using AI
    • Data privacy, bias in AI, and the importance of human oversight

At the conclusion, Nick will welcome your questions.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!


  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers

About the Presenter:
Nick Kramer brings more than 15 years of real-life Agile experience to every class he creates and teaches.  In his career, he has been an Agile Trainer, Agile Coach, Leadership Coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner who has trained more than 10,000 people. He is a firm believer in driving innovation within organizations by harnessing the power of the team through a Design Thinking approach.

Nick prides himself on making Agile ‘Fun and Simple.’ His philosophy is that team members should enjoy coming to work and find creative ways to connect with their organization’s value stream.

The Building Blocks and Future of Artificial Intelligence
Date: June 1, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) deals with creating systems that can reason, learn, and act autonomously. AI has been around for decades, but it has only been in the last few years that AI has really started to take off due in part to the increased availability of data and the development of new algorithms. AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries and has many benefits, but it also comes with ethical concerns and risks for organizations wishing to implement it into their processes.

Join our complimentary AI webinar to discover more about the building blocks that lie beneath today’s AI products and explore how they work at a conceptual level. We’ll also investigate how algorithms are applied in recent AI products and discuss the feasibility of using these AI applications in your projects. In this 1-hour webinar, Chris Penick examines the benefits and challenges that AI integration may bring to your organization and discusses:

  • The foundational algorithms of AI and machine learning
  • How to integrate AI into development and business products
  • What ethical implications exist on the use or restriction of AI
  • How to use AI and ML safely and productively

At the conclusion, Chris will welcome your questions.


Anyone interested in learning about AI.  No AI experience is assumed.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!

About the Presenter:

Chris Penick, Stream Lead for Web Age Solutions, has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry across a variety of platforms. Chris has guided clients in cybersecurity, architecture, web development, and data science. He holds multiple certifications in security and development from Microsoft, CompTIA, ISC2, and EC Council. Chris teaches many courses for Accelebrate and Web Age, including Terraform, Kubernetes, Data Science with Python, AI, Java, and more.

Women in Tech Event: Empowering Inclusion in Tech With a focus on AWS Machine Learning and AI
Date: March 30, 2023

In this session, Noelle Silver, a leader in tech at various companies, such as AWS, IBM, Red Hat and others, and founder of her own firm, will talk about how she went from high school dropout to Technology Executive at some of the world’s largest companies, and how she navigates her life and career to see unparalleled levels of success and fulfillment. Noelle was a senior Architect on the Amazon Alexa team, and to this day continues to embrace the value of ML/AI in her current job at Accenture.

Please join us for a presentation on her secrets to success, followed by an open Q&A.

In this session, the audience will learn about the principles Noelle has used to navigate an extraordinary tech career, such as:

  • The Power of Inclusive Engineering
  • The Importance of Multi-Modal Development
  • How to Build Responsible Tech and AI
  • The Importance of Learning by Doing

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