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Azure AI Bot Development

Recorded: December 14, 2023
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Ola Ekdahl
Categories: AI , Azure , Microsoft

Azure AI Bot Service is a cloud-based platform for building, deploying, and managing intelligent chatbots and virtual agents. The service offers a wide range of development tools, including the Bot Framework SDK and the Azure Bot Composer, allowing developers to design interactive and context-aware conversational experiences tailored to specific business needs.

  • What is Azure AI? (1:02 – 2:53)
    • Ola takes over and introduces himself and his expertise in Azure AI and other technologies.
    • He briefly explains what Azure AI is and the different services it offers, including bots.
  • Building a simple Q&A bot (2:53 – 10:23)
    • Ola demonstrates how to build a simple question and answer bot using the QnA Maker service.
    • He shows how to create a knowledge base with questions and answers and how to integrate the bot into a website or app.
  • Customizing the bot (10:23 – 12:07)
    • Ola shows how to customize the bot’s responses and appearance using the Bot Framework Composer tool.
    • He adds features like personality and small talk capabilities to make the bot more engaging.
  • Deploying the bot (12:07 – 13:02)
    • Ola explains how to publish the bot and make it available to users.
    • He mentions different deployment options, such as web chat, Azure Bot Service, and mobile apps.
  • Building a weather bot (13:02 – 21:20)
    • Ola starts building a more complex bot that can answer weather questions.
    • He shows how to use the Azure Maps API to get weather data for a specific location.
  • Enhancing the weather bot (21:20 – 25:32)
    • Ola adds features to the weather bot, such as displaying the weather icon and temperature.
    • He uses the Power Automate service to send notifications when the weather changes.
  • Publishing the weather bot (25:32 – 26:22)
    • Ola shows how to publish the weather bot and make it available to others.
    • He explains how the bot can be integrated into different channels, such as web chat and Microsoft Teams.
  • Q&A session (26:22 – 38:42)
    • Ola answers questions from the audience about Azure AI and bot development.
    • He covers topics such as using SharePoint with bots, customizing bots for specific needs, and the future of AI.

About the Presenter: Ola Ekdahl is a seasoned expert in guiding organizations through the process of transitioning their workloads to the cloud. His journey with Azure began in 2010, where he helped train Microsoft’s internal staff on cloud technology. His proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of application development, including containers, Kubernetes, Java, .NET, Angular, React, and various databases. Additionally, Ola has expanded his expertise to embrace Azure AI and bot technologies, enabling him to offer cutting-edge solutions in artificial intelligence and automated interactions. He is an advocate for automation and DevOps, designing solutions with these principles at their core. Ola’s hands-on experience in application development and infrastructure migration is particularly notable in the financial services, entertainment, and music industries.

Ola holds several certifications and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), AWS Authorized Instructor (AAI), and a Linux Foundation Authorized Instructor. 

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