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Efficient and Effective Coding with GitHub Copilot

Recorded: April 3, 2024
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Eric Greene
Categories: AI , AWS

Intrigued by the excitement around GitHub Copilot, often called a programmer’s “ultimate ally?” Curious about leveraging generative AI to enhance your programming skills and coding efficiency?

Then this webinar is for you! Join us as Eric Greene, a seasoned GitHub Copilot user and educator, discusses the capabilities of GitHub Copilot and guides you on how to use it effectively.

In this engaging 1-hour session, Eric will teach you how to:

  • Understand the differences between Copilot for Individuals and Copilot for Business.
  • Identify scenarios where Copilot shines as the ideal solution and recognize when it might not fit best.
  • Seamlessly integrate Copilot into Visual Studio Code.
  • Work with Copilot Chat and Code Suggestions to streamline your coding and debugging processes.
  • Use Copilot as a collaborative partner in programming rather than just a code generator.

At the conclusion, Eric will eagerly take your questions.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have general software programming experience.

About the presenter:

With 27 years of professional experience in computer programming, Eric Greene stands out for his expertise in cloud computing, web development, and IoT programming. He is a seasoned educator, imparting knowledge on various subjects ranging from JavaScript web technologies, C#, and Python to specialized areas like DevOps, Git, and task automation. His repertoire includes programming languages like C and Rust, particularly in real-world applications like web application programming and task automation.

Eric has delivered training sessions to a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies, well-known charities, and global organizations, showcasing his ability to adapt and cater to various learning environments. As a testament to his proficiency and dedication to education, he holds a professional certification in online instruction, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and possesses multiple software development certifications. Eric contributes his vast knowledge to Axcel ILT, offering courses on modern tools and technologies, including GitHub Copilot, helping professionals enhance their skills in the evolving landscape of computer programming.

How Eric uses GitHub to improve his daily work as a programmer:

“As a software programmer frequently exploring new libraries and frameworks, I’ve found GitHub Copilot to be an invaluable resource for learning how to implement applications using new-to-me libraries and frameworks. Its ability to generate contextually specific programming code idiomatically is beneficial.

Take, for instance, the first Next.js React TypeScript project with which I used GitHub Copilot. I reached a point where I needed to develop some unit tests but needed help with how to mock some third-party libraries I incorporated. This is where GitHub Copilot shined; as I began to draft code for mocking a library, Copilot promptly offered a comprehensive function as a suggestion. Although the suggested code wasn’t perfect, it was a solid starting point, enabling me to refine and correct the minor inaccuracies with minimal effort. This guidance from GitHub Copilot was a significant time-saver, sparing me countless hours I would have spent wrestling with the intricacies of library mocking on my own.”

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