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What Jobs are Available if I’m Trained on AWS?

March 8, 2019 by Marc Brookland
Category: Cloud

The road to an AWS certification starts with the right training and can lead to some of the highest-paying, most up and coming jobs in the IT field. If you’re considering getting certified in AWS, you’ll not only avoid the risk of up-down careers, but enjoy a number of unique opportunities to choose from. To dive a little into what this means, here are some of the jobs you’d be qualified for if you’re trained in AWS.

Operation Support Engineer

In this role, you’d be responsible for monitoring and resolving of any operational issues in a company’s tooling, including environment upgrades when they are launched. Overall, your goal will be to reduce the duration, frequency and impact of issues in the AWS infrastructure and enhance management tools.

Average Salary: $59,000-92,000


AWS System Integrator – Cloud

The demand for AWS System Integrators continues to increase as more and more businesses and companies around the world rely on AWS for essential storage, infrastructure, messaging and more.  Having a solid knowledge base of the AWS platform, applications, services and information systems is enough to make you eligible for this job, but a certification will certainly help prove your skills to potential employers.

Average Salary: $81,000


AWS Solutions Architect
As an AWS Solutions Architect, you’ll be spending your time architecting, building and maintaining cost-effective and scalable AWS cloud environment. While working directly with engineers and clients, a Solutions Architect navigates lead implementation efforts and technical structures to make sure new technologies are constantly being integrated and executed. With knowledge of cloud computing, in addition to your certification, you’ll be qualified for this role.

Average Salary: $98,000-150,000


Cloud Developer
An AWS Developer Associate certification will certainly take your career to the next level, but even with just experience in software development and some knowledge of the AWS platform, you can open a number of doors for professional advancement as a Cloud Developer. In this role, you’ll be responsible for developing software applications and solutions for business enterprises.

Average Salary: $80,000- 130,000


AWS SysOps Administrator
If you want to be responsible for deploying, operating and managing various systems in the AWS platform, then SysOps Administrator is the job for you. You’ll also be expected to monitor and identify performance issues and implement cost-effective remedies. An AWS SysOps administrator certification will certainly help validate your expertise and ensure a better salary.

Average Salary: $108,000


AWS Networking Specialist

With an AWS certification, you’ll be in high demand for your cloud networking capabilities. AWS Networking Specialists will use their skills to design, develop and implement advanced AWS and hybrid networking projects. You’ll also help leverage tools to automate various AWS networking tasks and maintain network architecture.

Average Salary: $111,000


Senior AWS Cloud Architect

As a Senior AWS Cloud Architect, you’ll work directly with customers and engineers as you provide both technical support and leadership. By providing technical architectures and lead implementation efforts, you’ll ensure new technologies are integrated into customer environments.

Average Salary: $165,000

As the field of cloud computing continues to grow and Amazon Web Services leads the way in cloud services providers, even more opportunities are on the horizon for individuals certified in AWS. Contact us to learn more the benefits of an AWS certification and which training is right for your desired career path.

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