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What are the Steps to Getting an AWS Certification?

March 1, 2019 by Marc Brookland
Category: Cloud

AWS has become one of the biggest players in the IT world. Its offerings touch almost every aspect of technology, providing huge benefits to individuals and companies utilizing its latest innovation. So if you’re considering getting an AWS certification, good choice! Even if you have an understanding of AWS, testing and reinforcing your skills of this ever-changing, almost DIY platform through a certification is a way of ensuring the accuracy and safety of your work. If you’re ready to get certified, you’ll want to start with these steps to getting an AWS certification:

  1. Choose Your Certification Path
    The first step in the process is really deciding which AWS certifications you need. You can start with those you think will be easiest for getting started, or you can focus on preparing for what is most relevant to your job or position. While AWS Solutions Architect is typically the starting point for all beginners who want a comprehensive view of the AWS platform and services, there will be advantages to choosing your exam based on your specific role since you’ll already have a natural understanding of how it works. For example, if you’re a DevOps person, you may want to go directly the sysops, developer path.
  2. Take AWS Training Courses
    The good news is that it doesn’t cost a fortune for quality training. While there are a number of online training websites available to fit the busy schedules of working professionals, our all-inclusive course library gives you the ability to create a customized education program based on your target skills/knowledge, the level of detail required for your role and any preferred tools you may have for hands-on reinforcement. You can pick your courses “a la carte” with the options of live virtual training, and even instructor led training. You’ll receive efficient, comprehensive training in all the aspects of AWS you choose to prepare for the exam. Browse all of our AWS courses.

    We also offer a full suite of services once the training is complete. From initial consulting to full implementation for your business, you’ll receive assistance from the day you start training to long after you’re certified. 

  3. Review the Exam Guide and Sample Questions
    Once you have an understanding of the AWS platform, you’ll want to take your new skills and see how the exam will test actually them. Review the AWS exam guide for the concepts that will be covered to help guide you as you study.  You can find the Exam Guides for your chosen certification path here, as well as more information on preparing for each exam. And don’t skip the sample questions!
  4. Take a Practice Exam
    Once you really feel ready to test your newfound AWS knowledge, you’ll want to take an online practice exam to see how you do in a timed setting. In order to access these, you’ll have to create an AWS Certification account on Amazon’s AWS site.
  5. Schedule you Exam and Get Certified
    It’s time to get certified! But first, you’ll have to schedule your exam. With your new AWS account, you’ll be able to find a testing center nearest you and register for a date and time based on the available options.

After all your preparation and comprehensive training from Web Age, you’ll be more than ready to ace your AWS certification exam and start utilizing the industry’s leading platform to benefit you and your company. For more information on getting started or choosing the right AWS path for you, contact us today. Good luck!

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