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WebSphere Portal 8.0 Programming Class Released – Now with Mobile!

July 30, 2014 by Stuart Smith
Categories: New/Updated Courses , WebSphere

We have recently updated our WebSphere Portal 8.0 Programming class (WA2089) with some new topics.  The most notable of these is coverage of some of the new mobile features that IBM has included in WebSphere Portal 8.0.  This includes the WebSphere Portal Mobile theme and “device classes” which is a framework provided by WebSphere Portal to allow you to easily determine what type of device a user is viewing the portal on and perhaps adjust the view content based on that information.

In recent versions of the class we have also added or expanded coverage of some topics popular with clients which include the following:

  • Spring MVC portlet framework
  • Customizing WebSphere Portal themes and skins (the mechanism for this changed drastically in WebSphere Portal 7.0 and we show the new way)
  • Using the Dojo client-side JavaScript library loaded by WebSphere Portal
  • WebSphere Portal “iWidget” framework for client-side components loaded by the portal
  • Basic WebSphere Portal administration tasks like deploying portlets and creating portal pages
  • WebSphere Portal Personalization Framework

Although the basic portlet programming hasn’t changed in several WebSphere Portal versions there are certainly lots of important things that have changed recently so this updated WebSphere Portal 8.0 Programming class will help get you up to date!

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