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WA1853 WebSphere Process Server v7.0 Administration

January 18, 2011 by Bibhas Bhattacharya
Category: WebSphere

Today, I was asked to compare our WA1853 with IBM’s WB722. Both are 5 days long. Both cover the basics – installation, clustering and application deployment. But, we have added a few chapters that customers have repeatedly asked for. IBM’s WB722 does not have them or covers them only lightly.

1. We have a performance tuning chapter – Chapter 17. Performance tuning is a complicated matter in a Business Process environment. We have done original research in that area that has gone into this chapter.

2. We have a troubleshooting chapter that covers most common problems – Chapter 18.

3. Chapter 16 – Process Error Recovery is crucial for companies deploying BPEL business processes. It covers what happens when a process instance fails. How to manually or automatically deal with that.

4. Chapter 19 – Routing Web Service Requests Through a Web Server is a useful one. It covers often overlooked topics, the little things you need to do to expose a web service to the outside world. They are not rocket science, but when you take care of these little things, the service offering looks professional and works reliably.

As always, we try hard to gauge what pains our clients the most. We do our best to cover those areas in our courses.

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