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Top 5 IT Skills Needed for Digital Transformation

April 28, 2017 by Danielle Tackoor
Category: IT

Top 5 IT Skills Needed for Digital Transformation


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Front End Developers with skills for the mobile age

Our Mobile Web Development academy can teach developers to embrace mobile development skills:

  • Responsive Web Development
  • HTML5, CSS3 AngularJS and jQuery
  • iOS and Android programming


Agile Development Skills will continue to be integral to digital transformation.

Digital transformation needs an agile development team who can adapt, deliver, and diversify.

Key roles include:

  • Scrum Masters who act as facilitator for an agile development team to help create plan cohesion and drive production forward.
  • Product Owners who provide the goal for the scrum team, defining the finishing line for each project.
  • Coaches who help development teams become agile by working with them to implement agile principles.


Solution Architects who find technical solutions for business problems.

Key skills include:

  • Full stack knowledge to give solutions architects a more thorough understanding of the possible ways to solve problems.
  • Cloud knowledge as an integral path to finding solutions.
  • MicroServices developers who can create lightweight solutions for modular services.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics Skills to power new technology

Machine learning and data analytics are finding new applications such as the technology behind self-driving cars and online shopping recommendations.


DevOps Engineers to help drive digital transformation within a business

Engineers must have a unique skillset to claim the title DevOps:

  • Incredible communication skills
  • An understanding of the needs of ALL stakeholders in a business
  • A drive to meet business goals
  • Process re-engineering experience
  • Coding and scripting knowledge
  • An understanding of agile and lean principles

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