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Struts 2 Courses Announced

October 14, 2010 by Stuart Smith
Category: New/Updated Courses

Struts has always been a popular web framework for Java because of it’s long history.   Because of this popularity, Struts was always very concerned with backwards compatibility.  This concern for backwards compatibility meant that Struts took a little while to come up with “what’s next”.  At Web Age we saw an increase in interest in JSF for those looking for alternatives to Struts.  Struts did release Struts 2.x which was a fairly major reinvention of what makes up the Struts framework.

Because of client interest we have posted two new Struts 2.x outlines recently.  These courses include hands-on labs ported to Struts 2.x in the appropriate IDE and lecture discussion using the popular published book “Struts 2 In Action”.  Each student will receive a copy of this book as part of the course.

WA1926 Introduction to Struts 2.x Using RAD 7.5

WA1927 Introduction to Struts 2.x Using Eclipse

Both of these classes are available and can be scheduled by contacting a Web Age sales representative.

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