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New WebSphere 7.0 Administration Fundamentals Course Released

September 23, 2011 by Stuart Smith
Categories: New/Updated Courses , WebSphere

We have found that often there are groups of people at WebSphere clients that need some level of knowledge with WebSphere administration beyond the “Overview” type of class but not to the same level of knowledge needed by those managing WebSphere systems day-to-day.  This is particularly true with application developers, testing staff, and other support roles that are not full WebSphere System Administrators.

To help better support the knowledge level these types of people need we have released a new 3 day course, WA1976 WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Fundamentals.  This course covers topics like application deployment, management of database and messaging resources, troubleshooting, security, and web services.  Also, although it does not cover the configuration of a WebSphere cluster in depth it does introduce the architecture and terminology that is involved in a WebSphere cluster.

Certainly this course is not appropriate for every audience.  In particular, those that are managing a production WebSphere clustered environment would be better suited to our “full” 5 day WebSphere administration classes, WA1700 for Windows and WA1840 for Linux.  But by offering several different courses on WebSphere 7.0 Administration we feel clients will be able to better select the course that is appropriate for their audience.

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