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New Overview of Java Technology Class Released

January 26, 2012 by Stuart Smith
Categories: Java , New/Updated Courses

We have recently released a one day “Overview of the Java Technology Landscape” class, WA2015.

WA2015 Overview of Java Technology Landscape

This class is a brief overview of all that is “Java” in the current environment.  Particular focus is paid to a section covering some of the more recent changes to Java technologies to keep people on the cutting edge of what is happening so they can make appropriate strategic decisions in the planning of migrations of existing applications or development of new applications.

Our idea is that we will keep updating this course from time to time with new developments in Java so it can be something easy to offer to introduce new people to Java or to “catch up” for those that first encountered Java some time ago and may not have been able to follow all of the more recent developments.

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