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MuleSoft Summit 2015 in Toronto

July 24, 2015 by Mikhail Vladimirov
Categories: Architecture , Cloud

On July 16, I attended a one-day MuleSoft Summit in Toronto. In a nutshell, Mule is trying to add more API management capabilities to their platform. They are not alone in this rather crowded space with IBM, Mashery (the “inventor” of API Management), WSO2, et al, helping companies make their internal APIs and other information assets publicly available. Usually, this is done via RESTful endpoints (deployed in a cloud or on–premise) for consumption by AJAX-wired clients.

To my great disappointment, on the technical front of the Summit, there was next to nothing in terms of substance — the only relevant presentation was by Bruno Baloi who did a quick demo of the Anypoint platform. Other folks were mainly from the product management side of things with the usual sales spiel.

A couple of C-level folks representing local businesses who had worked with MuleSoft consultants and their products mumbled through their ill-prepared talks trying to avoid being in between the audience and the lunch.

For someone who wanted to see the flight of the engineering thought and learn from the masters, the Summit was a total write off of their time. Sure, for Mule consultants it was a great opportunity to anchor the next gig and for executives to exchange ideas on how best spend their IT budgets: On Mule Enterprise, of course! As it is now all about “API-led connectivity” and “Manageable Experience API”.

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