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Live from The Open Group Boston 2014

July 23, 2010 by Bibhas Bhattacharya
Category: News

This year, we had a booth in the Open Group Boston 2014 conference. The conference organizers explain the event as follows.

The Open Group is a consortium of over 360 major IT users, suppliers and policy makers, which focuses on open standards for building large scale, interoperable business solutions. Member organizations work together, in a vendor and technology-neutral environment provided by The Open Group, to establish policies, share best practices, address current and emerging requirements, and evolve and integrate specifications, to facilitate interoperability.

Web Age Solutions, a Silver Member of the group, is exhibiting at this major conference that covers:

  • Security — “The Intentional Enterprise in an Uncertain World”
  • Architecture — “Evolving EA from IT to Business”
  • Cloud Computing — “Business Impact of Cloud Computing”

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