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HTML 5 Training Course Announced

August 26, 2010 by Bibhas Bhattacharya
Category: New/Updated Courses

Today, Web Age announced its HTML5 course. HTML5 is a major change to the way web pages will be designed from now on. You can expect much richer user experience and innovative web applications. Topics covered are:

Chapter 1. Introduction to HTML 5

Chapter 2. The Basics

Chapter 3. New Semantic Elements

Chapter 4. New User Input Options

Chapter 5. The Canvas

Chapter 6. Audio and Video

Chapter 7. Geolocation

Chapter 8. Local Data Storage

Chapter 9. SQL Data Storage

Chapter 10. Building Offline Applications

Chapter 11. Advanced Topics

Chapter 12. Push Using Web Socket API

For a more detailed list of topics see the outline.

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