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How to unlock a higher salary in IT with Data Science and Data Engineering training


Whether you or your employees are just entering the IT field, or have been working in the industry for years, two areas of expertise they will want to consider are data science and data engineering. These quickly growing fields are in high demand and enable professionals to access better job titles with higher salaries. On the employer’s side, mastery in these fields also increases the potential to take on more substantial, complex projects and higher quality clients. In this article, we’ll show you why data science and data engineering are areas to look into, and how employees can begin their path to entering these fields.

These fields lead to better job titles and higher salaries

For those already in the IT field and looking to upskill or reskill in order to move up the career ladder, data science and data engineering unlock a number of jobs in multiple sectors that are prestigious and well paying. Healthcare, banking, consulting, and e-commerce are just some areas where training in data science and data engineering can take IT professionals.

Data science and data engineering are still rapidly evolving, and considered revolutionary technology. Making advancements in these fields in the early stages will enable employees to make this a lucrative career over the long term. Just how lucrative, exactly? Here are a few sample median salaries for data science and data engineering positions:

  • Lead Machine Learning Engineer – $162,560 USD 
  • Machine Learning Engineer – $122,496 USD 
  • Data Architect – $82,271 USD  
  • Data Scientist – $109,660 USD 

These areas are in high demand

The digital transformation of almost every industry is currently underway. The pace of change in technology is accelerating at a fast rate, and organizations are creating vast amounts of digital data. As a result, companies need a way to understand and use this data in their products and services, and to make smarter business decisions. 

The growth of data science and data engineering isn’t just limited to technology companies – it is prevalent in other industries as well. For example, in the healthcare space, the number of analytics professionals have nearly tripled. Within this industry, data scientists and data engineers are working to enhance AI, machine learning, and automation, such as for the use of early detection technologies. 

Data science and data engineering are applicable to any industry that requires the ability to extract, analyze, visualize, and store data. This valuable skill of managing every aspect of data enables organizations to make data-driven decisions for the future of their business. Organizations in industries from tech to retail to education are using data science to make their products and services “smarter.” It’s not just about analyzing large datasets, but about figuring out how to make informed decisions about human behavior in order to improve the end user experience.

Data science and data engineering are two of the fastest growing jobs on LinkedIn, and it is predicted that there will be around 11.5 million jobs in these areas by 2026. Right now, there are not a lot of IT professionals who have the required skills for these types of jobs, so the field is less saturated than other areas of IT. As a result, if employees want to get on this path, they will find many opportunities awaiting them.

Here’s how to start the career path to data science and data engineering

Web Age Solutions is a trusted reskilling and upskilling partner to Fortune 500 organizations in a range of industries from financial services to insurance to the government sector. Always on the cutting edge of trends and advancements in technology, we ensure professionals are able to enhance their skills in order to unlock better opportunities for themselves and their organizations. 

On June 16th, 2022, only, we’re offering a complimentary, one-day webinar to get started on the journey to upgrade your career in data science and data engineering. (No hidden fees, no future commitment required!) Register here.

Our ongoing data science and data engineering courses are available online, in-person, or in a multi-modal format based on your needs. We also offer customized versions of the courses where we can include organization-specific content or tailor the curriculum based on the current knowledge and experience of the employees.

Take a look at the course outline above, and get in touch with us to discuss upskilling to data science and data engineering today.



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