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Future of Windows OS

May 10, 2015 by Faheem Javed
Category: Microsoft

In the past Microsoft focused on releasing a new major version every few years. It has been a risky model since some versions were a major success, like Windows 95/XP/7, where as others have been somewhat of a miss, like Windows Vista/8/Windows Mobile/Windows RT. Also, some organizations used to skip a version in between due to cost and lack of program compatibility.

Based on news it seems like Microsoft has decided to ditch the traditional development cycle and going to stick with Windows 10 for a very long time come. Windows 10 is a platform that will run on a desktop,laptop,tablet,mobile and XBOX. Microsoft plans on adopting a more agile approach which means Windows 10 will see more frequent and mostly smaller changes(iterations). There will still be major changes(releases) but not as huge as coming out with a brand new OS. That’s a more akin to Linux / MAC OS / iOS which should encourage an average consumer and enterprise organization to remain more up to date than things have been in the past. Windows 10 is around the corner and getting shipped sometime this summer. It’s next update us code named Redstone which will come out in two waves in 2016.

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