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Advanced WebSphere 7.0 Administration Course Descriptions Posted

May 11, 2011 by Stuart Smith
Categories: New/Updated Courses , WebSphere

During the first part of this year we have seen a number of WebSphere clients moving to the 7.0 version with their WebSphere environments.  Since many clients have WebSphere administrators that are skilled enough where they don’t need the “basic” administration course we are often asked about more advanced training for this group.  In support of this we have just posted several new course descriptions, described below, for various advanced WebSphere 7.0 administration courses.  These courses are also good for those that are new to WebSphere but need more training in particular areas after attending our primary WebSphere 7.0 administration course.

Since the WebSphere administrators who would take an advanced class are also often not able to attend a 4-5 day training class we have kept the advanced courses short and focused.  You can have the flexibility to let your senior WebSphere administrators attend a class and develop their skills without being unavailable in training for a full week or perhaps even save travel dollars by running 2 classes the same week.  For more information about pricing and availability of these courses contact your Web Age Solutions sales representative.

You can also find these courses linked in our latest version of our WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Course Map

WA1953 Administrative Scripting with WebSphere Application Server 7.0

This 3 day course covers in depth how to perform many common WebSphere tasks using the WebSphere scripting libraries.  Rather than using the Administration Console, which is prone to human error, students will learn how to create automated and repeatable procedures modify WebSphere environments with scripting.  Students learn the Jython language in addition to the commands available in a WebSphere environment.

WA1941 WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Performance Tuning

Often a key responsibility of WebSphere administrators, “performance tuning” is the process of finding ways the WebSphere environment can operate more efficiently.  This 3 day course covers performance tuning methodology, how to detect a bottleneck and common problems and solutions. After taking this class, students will be able to methodically create a stress testing plan and find bottlenecks and resolve them.

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