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At Web Age we run 3 to 4 FREE webinars a month!


Using Blazor to Create Enterprise Web Applications
Wednesday, April 21
1:00 to 2:00 PM ET

Presenter: Faheem Javed

Blazor is an open-source, Single Page Application, and client web app framework from Microsoft. It is similar to other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as Angular, React, Vue.js, and Polymer Web Components. Blazor uses WebAssembly to execute C# code in the browser. That means the front-and back-end of the web application can use the same language! Progressive Web Apps (PWA) create an app-like experience in a browser, allowing a website that acts and feels like a native desktop/mobile app. PWA apps can utilize features such as Offline apps, IndexedDB, Web Storage, and Push Notifications. Join us for this webinar where we’ll see how Blazor can be used to create and organize the front-end code. We’ll also learn about how Progressive Web Application features can be utilized from a Blazor application.

Duration: 1 hour
Related courses: Progressive Web Application Development using Entity Framework Core and Blazor [WA3064]

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Tech Clinic: Design Thinking in an Agile World
Friday, April 23
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM ET

Presenter: Nick Kramer

Design Thinking and Agile are two sides of the same coin. Design Thinking when implemented correctly, can help an organization to identify which products or new features add the most value to their customers. For example, in the world of banking, Design Thinking can be utilized to determine which new features should be added to an online banking platform to attract and retain customers. In the restaurant sector we might use Design Thinking to determine which new services will help retain customers that have families.

Design Thinking is for Product Owners, Stakeholders, and teams to help determine what to build or what feature to offer next. Agile is the process that is used to implement these ideas. Both Design Thinking and Agile uses an iterative approach to generate feedback loops. We can then use these feedback loops to validate that we’re building the correct product, and to reduce our Return on Investment.

In this course will be using a real-life project to walk thru the Design Thinking process to illustrate the steps, and demonstrate the results. We’ll then explore how to use these results within your current Agile teams.

Duration: 3 hours
Related courses: Essentials of Design Thinking [TP2707]

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8 Steps to the Ultimate AWS Certification Plan for 2021
Tuesday, April 27
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM ET

Presenter: Michael Forrester


If you are currently preparing for AWS certification, and/or are just curious what is involved, here are the 8 Steps you NEED to know to create the ultimate meaningful Amazon AWS Certification Plan for 2021. This session is presented by our lead AWS Authorized instructor, and industry expert in all things DevOps and Cloud with 20+ years of IT experience.

In this informative session we’ll discuss the following to get you started in the right direction towards your AWS certification goals!

• Step 1: A Compelling Why!
• Step 2: Which Amazon AWS Certification?
• Step 3: Mapping out a plan
• Step 4: Schedule it to do it
• Step 5: Get more hands-on
• Step 6: Practice AWS Certification exam questions
• Step 7: Take the AWS Certification exam
• Step 8: Continual Mastery

Duration: 90 minutes
Related courses: Official AWS Training Courses and Certification

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Tech Clinic: Getting Started with No-Code/Low-Code Applications using Microsoft Power Platform
Thursday, April 29
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM ET

Presenter: Nick Doelman

This 3-hour session introduces the Microsoft Power Platform, and provides an overview of what it is and how it can help provide value by creating low-code/no-code applications. Covered will be a high-level overview of the various Power Platform tools and technologies, an introduction to Dataverse, building Power Apps, and automating processes using Power Automate.

Duration: 3 hours
Related courses: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals [PL-900T00]

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What is Lean Coffee?
Thursday, May 6
12:00 to 2:00 PM ET

Presenter: Nick Kramer

The power of Lean-Coffee is that you get to choose the topics. Come with questions or scenarios that you would like to discuss or bring your expertise and knowledge to share.

Why Attend?
• If you are interested in connecting with other Agilists
• If you have questions or situations that you would like to get an outside perspective

Lean Coffee is a structured workshop where the group creates the agenda by building and prioritizing the backlog of topics. Each topic is then time-boxed and addressed through various activities to thoroughly discuss each topic, such as group breakouts, group discussion, instructor-led slides, or pass the pen.

Goals and Objectives
• To empower Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Development Teams, and Leads with a forum to discuss and solve specific situational questions
• To allow discussion of real-life examples, beyond what is feasible in the classes

Duration: 2 hours

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Tech Clinic: Learn how to leverage Azure cloud services to build a powerful Data Engineering platform
Friday, May 7
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM ET

Presenter: J. Tom Kinser

Create a flexible and secure environment for your Data Scientists and Data Analysts.
Technologies covered – SQL Databases, Data Lakes, CosmosDB, Data Factory, Databricks, Event Hubs, IoT Hubs, Stream Analytics.

Presenter: J. Tom Kinser
Duration: 3 hours

Related courses: Implementing an Azure Data Solution [DP-200T01]

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In the Past Webinars section below you will find hundreds of  webinars in the above categories along with IT Webinars in other categories such as Cloud, Mainframe, SOA, IBM, Mobile and Microsoft webinars. Check out our Upcoming Webinars section to view our programs that will be presented in in the next 30-60 days.


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Here is the list of our most popular IT webinars. Their corresponding categories are listed in brackets.

Free Live and On Demand Webinars at Web Age Solutions


Web Age Free IT Webinars are designed to provide our users with the following:



  • Content on technologies or architectural patterns in the horizon – goal being dispelling myth, showing how you and your company can potentially apply this new technology or pattern to increase productivity and/or save money in the business side.
  • Content on technologies or architectural patterns that have gathered critical mass – our focus here is to cover the emerging best practices and addressing common misconceptions.
  • Topics relevant to current technologies or patterns in use – our focus is to cover advanced content on these topics after a basic introduction on these topics.

We run 3 to 4 of the Free IT webinars a month which are typically attended by 40 to 100 of your fellow IT practitioners. These webinars will cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • DevOps
  • JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and React
  • Data Science – including Machine Learning and Data Sciences
  • Architecture – Enterprise, Solution and Business Architecture
  • Agile
  • Java and Java Frameworks – Java, Spring Framework and various other topics.
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