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AI and Machine Learning Training and Courseware

TP2713 Discovering and Delivering Artificial Intelligence Products

Many data-centric organizations rely on manufacturing processes to build their products.  They’ll use a deterministic process where you “plan the work and then work the plan.” This mindset works great for products with linear development. But artificial intelligence products seldom follow this direct path. Teams aren’t manufacturing AI products as much as they’re discovering them. To effectively create new AI products your team needs to understand the technology and be comfortable running small experiments.  This course will go over artificial intelligence concepts and then show you specific practices such as machine learning and neural networks.  Then you’ll see roles and processes that encourage your team to use a less deterministic approach to discovering great AI products.

TP2821 Machine Learning for Business Analyst

Machine Learning is the process of discovering interesting knowledge from large amounts of data. It is an interdisciplinary field with contributions from many areas, such as statistics, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, pattern recognition and bioinformatics. Machine learning for predictive analytics is widely used in many domains, such as retail, finance, telecommunication and social media.

This course provides an overview of various machine learning techniques with examples of how they are used in various organizations such as retail, finance, biotechnology and social media.  Case studies are used to allow participants to work through several machine learning issues using the techniques described and to recognize opportunities within their organization.

Note: This course uses a visually oriented, open source software package to process the data.  The class is not intended to be a programming class.  Instead, the software is used to examine the impact of different data mining decisions.

AI-100T01 Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Build a customer support chat Bot that use artificial intelligence from the Microsoft Azure platform including language understanding and pre-built AI functionality in the Azure Cognitive Services.

TP2860 Beginning Application Development with TensorFlow and Keras

This course will provide you with a blueprint for how to build an application that generates predictions using a deep learning model. From there, you can continue to improve our example model—either by adding more data, computing more features, or changing its architecture—continuously increasing its prediction accuracy, or create a completely new model, changing the core components of the application as you see fit.

BDT47 Data Science & Image Processing for Healthcare

Data science and digital image processing are becoming an increasingly integral part of health care. This course will expose you to many of the ways that data science is used to extract innovative and actionable insights from healthcare-related datasets and medical imaging.

BDT6 Artificial Intelligence for Text, NLP and Forecasting

Most of the data collected these days are unstructured. A large and vital part of this unstructured data is in a text format. AI and Deep Learning techniques enable the use of text for a wide range of applications including language understanding and translation. This course will teach you how to build models for text, natural language and other sequence data.

WA2845 Practical Machine Learning with Apache Spark

This intensive hands-on training introduces the audience to the core aspects of scalable data processing using Python on the Apache Spark platform.  The students will learn the essentials of Python with the primary focus being on the capabilities of the Apache Spark platform and its Machine Learning module.  The students will be introduced to the terminology, concepts, and algorithms used in Machine Learning.

WA2906 Machine Learning Workshop Using Tensorflow 2.0 and Keras

This is an in depth hands on workshop based course that teaches the fundamentals of Machine Learning (ML) and Neural Networks (NN). The course is designed for professionals who will be asked to solve various business problems using ML. Workshop projects are designed to be realistic. They follow a complete lifecycle:

- Collect and clean up data.
- Design a model
- Train the model with data
- Start doing prediction

We primarily use Keras for the workshops. In some cases we dive lower and code using Tensorflow API. This done to gain better understanding of the concepts.

WA2905 Data Engineering with Python Training

Data engineering is a software engineering practice with focus on design, development, and the productionizing of data processing systems.  It includes all the practical aspects of data acquisition, transfer, transformation, and storage on-prem or in the cloud.
This intensive hands-on training course teaches the students how to apply Python to the practical aspects of data engineering and introduces the students to the popular Python libraries used in the field, including NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, and Apache Spark.

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