Machine Learning and Deep Learning Training

Master data-driven prediction with our Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning programs. Designed for all levels, our ML training builds a strong foundation in core concepts and delves into advanced deep learning techniques. Unlock text data with Natural Language Processing (NLP), gain proficiency in Python, the go-to language for data science, and explore powerful neural networks and cutting-edge architectures.

Machine Learning and deep learning transform industries from finance and healthcare to manufacturing and marketing. Our hands-on, interactive training programs, led by experienced instructors, teach your team or entire organization the skills to solve real-world problems and confidently make data-driven decisions.

Machine Learning Security
Course ID: AC3348
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

Protect your Machine Learning (ML) applications. This ML Security training course teaches developers the specialized secure coding skills needed to protect their ML applications from attacks. Attendees learn how to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in their applications and how to avoid the security pitfalls of the Python programming language.

Comprehensive Machine Learning with Python
Course ID: AC3350
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Machine Learning (ML) course introduces natural language processing (NLP) and teaches attendees Python Programming basics. Students learn how to use Python to import and manipulate data, perform exploratory data analysis, build machine learning models, and evaluate their performance. The training also covers H2O, a powerful ML platform.

Introduction to Machine Learning with Neural Networks
Course ID: WA3316
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Machine Learning (ML) training course teaches attendees the concepts, terminology, and practice of ML using neural networks. Students learn the architecture of artificial neural networks, activation functions, and more.

Machine Learning using Python Deep Dive
Course ID: WA3375
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This intensive Python for Machine Learning (ML) training course teaches attendees ML concepts, including supervised and unsupervised learning, regression, classification, and clustering. Students learn how to implement ML algorithms in Python, a popular programming language for machine learning.

Comprehensive Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Course ID: WA3486
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Natural Language Processing (NLP) training course teaches students the applications and techniques for developing NLP models, including large language models (LLMs). Attendees learn how to build and evaluate NLP models for tasks such as text generation, text classification, image synthesis, and image classification in use cases in insurance, finance, and other sectors.

Defining Machine Learning (ML) Requirements and Acceptance Criteria
Course ID: TP3361
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Machine Learning training teaches attendees how to define requirements and acceptance criteria for ML projects. By combining Product Management concepts with ML principles, students learn how to bridge the gap between business goals and technical implementation.

Fundamentals of Deep Learning and Generative AI
Course ID: WA3462
Delivery: On-Site or Instructor-led Virtual

This Generative AI (GenAI) training teaches attendees the fundamentals of Deep Learning and GenAI, with participants building the skills to apply these powerful technologies to real-world scenarios. The course introduces attendees to key concepts, tools, and frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras, as well as neural network architectures like CNN, RNN, and Transformers. Students learn about large language models (LLMs), GANs, and diffusion models, and their applications in diverse domains.