Defining and Scoping Data Science Projects Training

This Data Science training teaches attendees how to define and scope their data science projects, balancing technical complexities with business requirements for stakeholders. Students learn practical techniques and strategies for identifying challenges, exploring data, creating a project plan, and executing it effectively.

Course Details


2 days


  • General understanding of/familiarity with data pipelines
  • General understanding of/familiarity with data science pipelines
  • Experience working on data science and machine learning projects

Target Audience

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Science Architects
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Other Technical Data Professionals

Skills Gained

  • Define and scope data science projects 
  • Manage stakeholders 
  • Work with data requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive project plan
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Data Science Projects
    • Data Science and Its Impact on Business
    • Understanding the Data Science Project Lifecycle
    • The Importance of Defining and Scoping in Data Science Projects
  • Defining the Data Science Project
    • Identifying and Understanding the Business Problem
    • Translating Business Problems into Data Science Tasks
    • Creating Effective Problem Statements
    • Understanding Stakeholder Expectations
  • Scoping the Data Science Project
    • Estimating the Resources: Data, Time, Skills, and Tools
    • Identifying Risks and Assumptions
    • Setting Project Boundaries and Scope
    • Defining Success Criteria and Metrics
  • Data Requirements and Preparation
    • Understanding Data Sources and Collection
    • Data Cleaning and Preparation
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Feature Engineering and Selection
  • Creating and Executing a Project Plan
    • Drafting the Project Plan
    • Model Building, Validation, and Selection
    • Deployment and Maintenance
    • Communicating Results and Findings
  • Final Project
    • Students will scope and plan a data science project
    • Presentation