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What is Snowflake?

Recorded: October 30, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Bhavuk Chawla
Category: Data Science

Are you also perturbed about Scalability, Performance and Cost of your existing Data Warehouses?

We have a solution for you!

Keep your gung-ho high, and join our live webinar on Snowflake. Snowflake provides Data Warehousing as a Service. It opens the door to numerous benefits including almost Zero maintenance, On Demand Scaling in just a few seconds, Simplifying Data Sharing, and Zero Copy Cloning etc.

1. Evolution of Data Warehousing Technologies
2. What is Snowflake?
3. Snowflake vs RedShift
4. Key Concepts
5. Snowflake Architecture
6. Setting up Snowflake Trial Account
7. Demo

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