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Top Reasons Agile Adoption Fails on Real World Projects

Recorded: June 10, 2010
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Sally Elatta
Category: Agile

So you heard about Agile and Scrum, someone told you it was the silver bullet, you picked up a book, went to a seminar and maybe even actually dished out a few bucks to go get your team certified to be ScrumMasters. Then, after several attempts at applying all the wonderful bullet proof methods, the big woooha moment didn’t happen. Actually, you’ve faced resistance, some have even told you not to use the ‘A’ word anymore. Teams seem to be struggling with applying the methods and a few have even said ‘Agile won’t work for us’. So if this describes your situation or perhaps you’re getting started with Agile and would like to avoid making it so, then this webinar is for you!Come learn from a real world Agile Coach the top pitfalls and reasons why Agile adoption fails.

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