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SOA Governance with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)

Recorded: March 28, 2013
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: David Chung, Senior Technical Instructor, Web Age Solutions Inc.
Category: SOA

One of the biggest challenges in SOA Adoption is governance. According to IBM: “Governance is the means of establishing and enforcing how a group agrees to work together. Specifically, there are two aspects to governance:

    • Establishing chains of responsibility, authority, and communication to empower people by determining who has the rights to make what decisions.
    • Establishing measurement, policy, and control mechanisms to enable people to carry out their roles and responsibilities”

In this webinar, we will explore the topic of SOA governance in general and then look at how WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) helps enable and support SOA governance solutions.

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