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Prepare to Scale Agile

Recorded: April 12, 2017
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Shashi Singh.
Category: Agile

Q1. Did you know? Most organization hit a wall when applying scrum to team of teams.
SAFe is a lean agile Model to apply agile to team of self-organized team where they can plan together, execute together, review together and in the end create a system increment and not component increment. Retrospective is elevated to team of team called Inspect and adapt where improvements are made at program level instead of applying local optimization at team level.

Q2. Did you know? Scaling agile to team of teams does not happen overnight.
Any change is difficult and hence just like agile product development is based on incremental development, transformation should also be incremental. Remember the old phrase learn to walk before you run. The first step in agile adoption is moving the needle on our mindset from a fixed mindset to an agile dynamic mindset. And embracing this mindset starts with leadership on both IT and business side. Without executive support most agile adoption journey starts with a bang but end in a whimper.

Q3. Did you know that the most common mistake in any agile transformation is failure to generate short term wins?
Generating short term wins in terms of Business results gives credibility that the change is paying off and enhances the credibility of change agents to continue the momentum. Oftentimes transformation efforts take time to produce the promised pay off. Meanwhile non-believers, skeptics and cynics will ask for hard evidence that change is working without draining much of organization resources.

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