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Manager Learning Series: Managing Containerized Applications

Recorded: October 23, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Jean-Francois Bilodeau
Category: DevOps

“It worked fine on my machine,” or “the deployment rollback failed,” or “somebody forgot to change the settings from dev to prod.” Sound familiar?
These are challenges that anyone developing and operating software solutions has encountered. For over twenty-five years, these are problems that I’ve been direct witness to (and sometimes the cause of). Thankfully, technology is getting better, and the cause of those problems should be a thing of the past. But they still happen. Why? Often, it’s not because of technology, but of our development and operation processes.
In this seminar, I would like to take the time to explore the gold-standard technologies to manage deployment and operation of applications–especially those designed around a microservice architecture. But technology is only a means to an end. What we really want to explore in this seminar are the processes to manage containerized applications from beginning to end–from dev to prod.
Over the course of this seminar, we’ll explore what is containerization, what is Docker and friends, and more importantly, what are the processes to maximize its value.
This seminar is oriented towards managers and team leads who need to modernize their development and operation process as well as anyone who is curious to know not just what is containerization but how to build our development and operation processes around it.

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