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Get to know the Issues and Solutions behind Kubernetes Patterns

Recorded: January 19, 2023
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Mark Pawlowski
Categories: DevOps , Kubernetes , Programming

The rise of microservices architected applications and the use of containers to run them are two major changes in the way applications are designed and delivered. Along with the advantages of these approaches come challenges that require new thinking to overcome.

Challenges such as:

  • How can Kubernetes schedule workloads onto available resources?
  • How can a load balancer know which instances are viable?
  • How can we farm out and harvest work done by multiple distributed services?
  • How are horizontal concerns like logging architected to take advantage of reusability?

During this webinar we’ll look at the primary Kubernetes patterns, discussing why they exist, and what issues they solve.

Are you an application developer, technical lead or deployment specialist?
Do you regularly work with Kubernetes and cloud-native applications?
If so, then this webinar will help you:

  • Recognize common microservices and container architectural issues
  • Understand the solutions others have found, and which ones have been documented in the form of patterns

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