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Kubernetes Fundamentals

Recorded: May 28, 2021
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Michael Forrester
Category: DevOps

Hearing a lot about the need for containerization? What about Kubernetes, and the need for a container orchestration engine? Learn about the container to Kubernetes relationship, and how to deploy stateful and stateless workloads to your local system using Kubernetes. In this one hour webinar, our resident Kubernetes expert, Michael Forrester, will cover the core concepts, architecture, and need for Docker and Kubernetes. Ranging from Nodes to Namespaces, Michael will walk you through setting up your own local cluster using Minikube, and some fundamentals of the kubectl command.

• Docker
– Concepts
– Architecture
• Kubernetes
– Industry and History
– Architecture
– Core Concepts and Objects
• Demo
– Deploying on Minikube
– Docker CLI
– Kubectl CLI
– Workloads both stateless and stateful on K8s
• Q&A

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