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Jenkins Pipelines for Continuous Delivery Automation

Recorded: April 22, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Brad Brown
Category: Programming

Jenkins isn’t just for build jobs – Jenkins Pipelines provide a powerful tool for automating a continuous delivery process, and can even support general-purpose automation for a wide range of DevOps activities. This two-hour webinar touches on the highlights of Jenkins Pipelines – what they are, what makes them an essential part of your toolkit, and how they work. Through a series of demonstrations, we’ll see a pipeline develop that builds software, and distributes testing across multiple machines.

This webinar is based on a two-day Web Age course, “Jenkins Pipelines”.

The Jenkins Pipelines course takes Jenkins users beyond basic build jobs, providing a comprehensive overview of pipelines. We cover pipeline automation from the basics, through advanced use cases, pointing out common patterns and common pitfalls. A knowledge of basic Jenkins is assumed, but no prior experience with pipelines is required. After this course, you’ll have the tools to start automating your software build, test, and deployment activities following Jenkins best practices.

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