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Getting the most out of your WebSphere Environment

Recorded: November 17, 2010
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Stuart Smith, Java and Administration Lead, Web Age Solutions Inc.
Category: IBM and Mainframe

In this webinar we will explore some of the ways to maximize the effectiveness of your WebSphere environments. This will include the use of advanced troubleshooting tools to help resolve issues, ways to simplify installation of the core software and fixpacks, and ways to leverage some of the scripting tools available to various WebSphere versions. We will also cover how to improve performance with some of the tools for measuring performance and top parameters to tune performance. In addition we will also cover an overview of some of the new features in WebSphere 7.0 as many clients are beginning to migrate to this version. So make sure to sign up for this webinar to maximize the investment you have made in your WebSphere environments.

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