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Exploring Eclipse Galileo

Recorded: August 12, 2009
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Matt Silver
Category: Programming

The yearly update of Eclipse projects at the end of June continues to expand the options provided to clients using Eclipse-based development tools. In the spirit of the 2009 coordinated release, code named Galileo, this webinar will explore the universe of Eclipse projects and new features available. Although we will focus on some of the new features that might be very common for clients using Eclipse this webinar will also show you some of the other projects involved in the Eclipse Galileo release that may not be as well know but certainly provide useful tools and options. One of the primary projects focused on will be the new Memory Analyzer tool. We will also cover some of the changes to how you install and update software in an Eclipse installation which continues to improve the experience of using Eclipse tools. Finally, we will take a quick review of some of the most popular sets of free Eclipse tool sets that can provide Eclipse support for things like Spring and JBoss.

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