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The Two Biggest Challenges of Enterprise Data Analytics using Power BI in 2023

Recorded: December 16, 2022
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Faheem Javed
Category: Microsoft

Are you prepared to face the Enterprise Data Analytics challenges in 2023?

The Microsoft Power BI platform has a lot to offer. Small-scaled shops can get away with analyzing a few data sources such as Excel, CSV, and some relational databases such as SQL Server. However, in enterprise scenarios you can get overwhelmed when analyzing Big Data where you have to deal with the Volume, Variety, and Velocity of data.

Data analysts require awareness of when to use import, DirectQuery, and real-time streaming options. Another challenge for business data analysis is the identification of patterns in large data sets to make business decisions. This sequence goes from data -> information -> knowledge. You can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Power BI without requiring complex setup/code.

Join us as we explore the various Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) options available in the Power BI platform.

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