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Effective BPM with IBM Business Process Manager 8.0

Recorded: January 9, 2013
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Stuart Smith, Java and Administration Lead, Web Age Solutions Inc.
Category: IBM and Mainframe

IBM is a market leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software and with the recent release of IBM Business Process Manager (IBPM) 8.0 they will likely retain that title. Too often, however, we have seen clients that have deployed this software but don’t use the full potential because they are confused as to what features the core product of the IBM BPM platform can do. After all, software vendors are often more interested in selling you more software than making sure you are using that software to it’s full potential. During this webinar we will cover the various BPM scenarios your organization can take to effectively use the features of the IBPM 8.0 product. We will show that with the core product there are actually three different ways to develop business processes and each approach might involve slightly different roles and tools. This webinar is intended for a wide audience: – Business Analysts will learn how to use the much improved business process modeling capabilities and how they can even deploy a process to production without developers being required to write a single line of code! – Integration Developers can learn how they will still be required to implement more advanced system integrations and how the platform can help improve their coordination with the business requirements. – System Administrators will learn how all of the various administrative tools of the product are used by different job roles and depending on the type of business process being developed – Organizations that currently use WebSphere Process Server 7.0 or prior will learn how the new environment has a lot of added functionality built right in and requires less custom development to leverage.

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