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How to Create Dazzling Reports with Conditional Formatting in Webi

Recorded: February 15, 2023
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Michael Ward
Category: Programming

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your Webi reports?

In this free 1-hour webinar, Michael Ward shows you conditional formatting tips and tricks and walks you through how to make your reports stand out! Specifically, Michael will demonstrate how to:

  • Create trending reports by conditionally styling columns and rows with rules
  • Create cell, text, and variable rules
  • Tell the differences among cell, text, and variable rules
  • Create and apply rules
  • Create multiple conditional statements in a rule
  • Add an ‘or’ statement with multiple rules
  • Incorporate formatting options for rules
  • Insert objects/stoplights/marques
  • Create and maintain rules

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