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Comparing and Contrasting SOA and Agile

Recorded: December 2, 2009
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Web Age Solutions Inc.
Category: Agile

Yes, both of them are buzz words, but when you peel back the buzz, what is the true value that lies behind both of these methods? How do they compare and how do they differ? Most importantly, how can we bring about Agility to SOA projects and how can better architecture be applied to Agile projects? We will also discuss some of the challenges with attempting iterative development on SOA projects.Speakers: Your speakers are both experts and practitioners in the area of Agile and SOA.

Kyle Gabhart is subject matter expert in the area of SOA and Enterprise Architecture. He is a popular speaker recognized for his enthusiasm and dynamic analysis of emerging technologies. He has authored several articles and a popular book that serves as a guide on SOA for Executives.

Sally Elatta is an Agile expert and enterprise coach who has helped many organizations transition to Agile methods and improve internal processes. She is a dynamic speaker who is known for preaching practical real world solutions to solve business challenges.

This is a duo you will not want to miss so sign up for this webinar today!

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