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Cloud Security Top 10 Risk Mitigation Techniques for 2019

Recorded: September 26, 2018
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Joe Holbrook
Category: Cloud

Many enterprises are struggling with managing their cloud computing security posture and this can lead to exposing your enterprise to risks. Whether you’re an organization using AWS, GCP or Azure the one thing you have in common with other organizations is that the job of mitigating risks with Cloud Computing is never realized. “Playing defense in the cloud is much better than playing offense”

In this webinar, we will explore:
• “Top Ten Enterprise Cloud Risks” you need to avoid now.
• How to identify these Cloud Risks in your organization such as not understanding the “shared service model”, outdated security postures, poor development practices and understanding the current threat landscape.
• How your current culture, processes and even the current architecture can greatly impact your cloud computing security posture and your response to mitigating Cloud Risks.
• Best practices and techniques to identify vulnerabilities(Risks) and remedy those vulnerabilities(Risks) to minimize risk to your enterprise.
• Strategies to help you proactively identify and address high risk areasThis webinar will provide some ideas that can give your cloud oversight some key takeaways and action items to reduce your risk by playing offense in the cloud.

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