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Clash of the Javascript Titans: Backbone.js and Angular.js

Recorded: February 26, 2015
Duration: 1 Hour
Presenter: Eric Greene
Category: Programming

Arguably, the Backbone.js library and the Angular.js framework are the two most popular JavaScript libraries/frameworks for building Single Page Applications. For principled technical reasons, many JavaScript developers tend to prefer one library/framework while opposing the other. In this webinar, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of each of these JavaScript approaches to building a Single Page Application. We will aim to help dispel some of the misconceptions about each of these approaches and identify how each approach can be useful to solve specific problems. Also, we will be using a Node.js backend to power our demonstrations including a quick run-through with Browserify to demonstrate how to organize Backbone.js and Angular.js web applications into Node.js modules.

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